VOB News October 2011

V.O.B-A-Gift this Christmas Season!

“Back to school for the kids and with new back packs filled with school supplies! Thanks to your support!”

As Christmas approaches, we thought we would invite you to participate in something new this year.  Many of you are familiar with what we call, ‘catalogue gifting’.  A mission organization sends out a catalogue with various ‘gifts’ you can give toward.

We would like to offer you the same opportunity to donate this year, through Voice of the Bride, with an offering of various ways you can help our Mexican brothers & sisters in need.  You may choose one of any of the following items you like, and contribute towards that need.  In doing so, you will be helping to provide for many very poor families, and/or individuals, and to those we are ministering to on a weekly basis.  As hearts are softened, through needs being met, more openness to the Lord Jesus comes through. [READ MORE FOR FULL DETAILS]

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