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VOB News December 2017 “Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas from VOB and our  Tijuana team!

We are always so blessed to sponsor a gathering with our team in Tijuana, and their families, and just enjoy doing something we never get to do: sit down and eat! Ha! But seriously, we stay pretty busy, and pretty task oriented with tasks of providing basic needs, and food for many in their communities who really need help. But on this night, the night after Thanksgiving, we gather each year and share our thanks for one another. We work hard as a team. These men and women, who often put others first, rarely splurge on themselves-much less a dinner out with their entire family! There is lots of talking (loudly with this large a group), laughing, dreaming, photo taking, and yes, of course, a great deal of eating. This year, was our 8th year of gathering, with nearly 50 around the table!

We know that you have many opportunities to follow and support other ministries. We want you to know, that a great deal of our thanks, is for folks like you, who help us reach out and do what we do. We believe that worshiping God, leads to compassion for what’s on His heart…..and that having compassion for what is on His heart, leads back to worshiping Him!

Thank you for joining us around the table, in our worship and compassion ministry.

Blessings in 2018,   Love  Wayne & Carol



VOB News November 2017 “VOB on the Road”

VOB on the road…4 hours south of the border, to be exact. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an official overnight missions trip. Caravaning, sleeping bags, team antics, the whole enchilada (well menudo & ceviche anyway).

Vicente has frequently taken food and supplies which we bring him, to this very poor area near San Quintin, on the Baja peninsula. This time, I got to go and participate. It was an honor to meet the people there. I was reminded of what first inspired me to work with the poor. The people live in conditions, and suffer hardship, that I myself, am not sure I could endure. But, here’s the thing: they do more than endure, they live! They worship like they are the richest in the world. So inspiring!

Hundreds of people came out to the evangelistic meetings. Hot dogs were consumed, toys were received. But the best part, is that souls were won, including 2 young girls, who were actually on our team! They were college friends of Vicente’s daughter, and they gave their hearts to Jesus the night before we left. What a way to start a new walk with Jesus, to then go out and tell others!

What a treat to go with my team, serving alongside each other in a deeper way. I love how our friends love and serve!  And, in this season of thanks, we are thankful to the Lord for YOU being part of the team!

“And may the Lord reward you for your kindness…” Ruth 1:8






We could use a little prayer push this next month:   Family health needs–Carol’s folks; Franki June, our sweet little dog, health  and healing;  A little extra prayer for our day to day-health, mental, physical, safety and so on.  We need your covering!’

“pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks..” I Thess 5:17