Worship CD’s!

by Revolution Band

“Worship is for GOD not for us. It is time for us to lay down our agendas in worship, and give the Holy Spirit place to move and lead us. He is releasing new sounds, new songs, and a freedom in worship unlike anything we’ve experienced in some time. While we know that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes), we also know that each generation carries a new passion and heart for the Lord which He has implanted, and which He will call out. Our passion is to worship Him with everything we have.

To that end, we want to see new levels of freedom, passion, and creativity for the Lord, released through His creative giftings. This could be through music, art, dance, film, or whatever medium He chooses. So we offer to you, that which He has given us. Our sole prayer is that the King of Glory would receive His praise, and that those who encounter these expressions of worship, would be drawn to Him in life-changing ways. If you like biblical fact, check out these verses: Revelation 5:8, I Chronicles 25, I Corinthians 14:26. These are but a few of the verses that speak of worship in the Bible.

GOD bless you, as you journey closer to the GOD of the Universe and Saviour of our souls.” Carol Kiger-Rice

SovereignLion CD

This project is an experience of a live worship encounter between the Lord of Hosts, and the band, Revolution (former worship band at Metachurch also known as San Diego Vineyard). It is gritty, passionate, and heartfelt. Some of it is spontaneous, some prophetic, some planned…all for GOD. It represents who we are as a community, and what happens when we worship together and let the Holy Spirit lead us (that’s why it has to be live…because we never know). This recording represents more than just playing songs, or playing a song list. It is what HAPPENS when we play the songs that we want to capture. Hopefully we have done that within this experience. We believe worship is for Him, not for us. Our prayer is that, as you join us in worshiping Jesus, you will fall more in love with Him and give yourself to that place of no holds-barred, full-on, abandoned lifestyle all for Him……that’s the revolution…

The Document CD

This recording is a live worship exchange between a congregation of Third Day Churches, a band called Revolution, and the Lord of the Universe. The reason we called it The Document, is because it is just that…a documentation of what happens when a group of people gather, committed to worshiping and following wherever the Holy Spirit leads. Worship is for GOD, not for us. So, when we gather, we are committed to that in every way. We never know exactly what will happen, but He always leads us to where His heart is. Within this gritty, live passionate, and raw worship, you’ll find people of all generations, races, denominations, bringing their gifts (I Corinthians 14:26) and pouring out their hearts. Instruments prophesy (I Chronicles 25:1), people pray, scripture is proclaimed, songs, both spontaneous and written, are sung. All of this as we follow the Lord’s leading (Revelation 5:8). We pray that you will be blessed and drawn to Him by it…It’s biblical….it’s all for Him…it’s revolution….

Deep Blue Seed CD

The 3rd release from Revolution features 10 studio recordings, designed to lead you through a powerful, intimate, prophetic and intercessory experience of worship. Each song was recorded with space allowed for spontaneous and prophetic “free fall” from the Lord.

Deep Blue Seed also features numerous gifted worship song writers from San Diego, including former mentor Mark McCoy who is in the ultimate worship set with the King of Song today! We miss you Mark! You will want to turn this one up loud . . . “for joyful noise unto the Lord . . . worship hard!”

Revolution Band 2004:  (Top Left to right) Eric Trull, Daniel Gereghty, Kurt Kramer, Jennifer Purviance, Mary Ann Landry, Tony Halstead.   (Bottom Left to right) Carol Kiger-Rice, Naomi Walters, Tamara Pemberton, Lance Pemberton.  (Not Pictured) David Gereghty, the best recording engineer ever for Deep Blue Seed and photo taken on his couch from his back yard – Find David Gereghty at  www.recreationalmusiccenter.com

100% of proceeds benefit the “Karen Fund” read more here for details!

For Ordering: $10USD each or $25USD for all 3 (Includes shipping and handling)

Send requests to: (checks payable to VOB)

Voice of the Bride Ministries

PO Box 99057
San Diego, CA 92169

To pay with credit card you can click the link below and write in the purpose box which CD or set you are requesting. Please remember to include your address for shipping as well. Thank you for your support of this ministry.

2 thoughts on “Worship CD’s!

  1. I am looking for a CD that I marked voice of the bride number six it starts out “within the chamber of the king my soul mounts up in flight you have it can I buy it?I think I had about 15 years ago

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