Worldwide Intercession Plan:

Worldwide Intercession Plan, is a vision given by the Lord several years ago, and is a ministry under the Voice of the Bride banner.  Our calling is to go where the Lord calls us, around the world, or wherever the need is, and bring onsight worship and prayer on behalf of a situation, ministry, city, tribe, people group, or any other need.  We have had the honor of partnering with believers in different areas, among them San Diego, CA, Cebu, Philippines, and on First Nation reservations around the Southern California area, in bringing worship and prayer on behalf of many needs.  WWIP is available for outreach.  Please let us know if you would like to schedule something.  We believe the heart of the Lord is for all the people of the world to come to know Him.  We’d love to be a part of helping your people come to know Him, through worship and prayer.

The given vision, is to bring the atmosphere of worship, the prophetic, and prayer, that the purposes of the Lord will come forth for that area, people, nation, situation.  Through music, dance, art, prayer, Scripture reading, declarations, intercession, the vision is to partner with the Lord, in seeing breakthrough come for an area, region, nation, situation, people group, and to glorify Him in that place….

It is our goal to come together to worship the Lord freely, seek His face and His purposes in the earth, and to pray, prophecy, and agree unto that end.  Each person in the gathering, has both a part and a responsibility, to worship, and to contribute, as the Holy Spirit leads.  We are here for the Lord, not for ourselves.  We want to find that place of intercession, through worship, that leads to extending His glory, His Name, His Son, His purpose throughout the nations.  Psalm 67.  We want to see nations, cities, places, people, situations, changed for His glory and His Namesake. These gatherings are purposeful.

We all have a part in this calling.  Every nation has a GOD-given gift, which is meant to honor Him. We come together, prepared in heart and mind, before we arrive, to follow Him.  As we each contribute, more of the fullness of the Lord is seen & experienced. Each person can contribute: song, Scripture, prayer, prayer dance, as the Lord leads, all working together and in unity. (Col. 3:16, I Cor. 14:26)  We believe instruments should prophesy (I Sam 16:23, II Kings 3:15).  We believe the worshipers lead out in battle, as the Lord leads (II Chronicles 20, Is. 30:31, 32, Ps. 149: 5, 6).
According to II Corinthians 5:20, we become “…ambassadors for Christ, as though GOD were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to GOD.” And, when joining together in unity, in worship & in prayer, with like manner and purpose, we bless the heart of the Lord and further His Kingdom, throughout the nations!

We use modern musical instruments.  We use instruments from around the world, both ancient and modern. Since this is worship AND intercession, we believe the heart of the Lord is best represented by indigenous instruments used for intercession in worship.  GOD created music, so it makes sense that He would be interested in representation of worship from around the world, through many cultures, as it honors Him, and Him alone.

Dance and the Arts:
Since dance is a very Biblical expression of worship, and since the Lord gifts the craftsmen (II Chr. 2: 7 & 14, Ps. 149:3) to create works of art for His glory, these artistic expressions are very important. The creative representation of Creator, enhances our worship of the Lord.  These are physical representations of what is going on spiritually, and frequently tell a story, or bring a prayer.

WWIP is an outreach of Voice Of the Bride Ministries  (est. 2006) 11958067_1071714549506811_8213445573093602128_o