VOB Vision:

Mission Statement: To serve the poor in Mexico, and further the Kingdom of God through worship and intercession.

Voice of the Bride “Worship and Compassion” Ministries exists for two purposes.

We are committed to serving the poor and needy, specifically in Mexico.    Daily, we are either picking up donated food supplies for distribution in Tijuana, or distributing food and other items to those in need in the poorer parts of Tijuana.  This includes orphanages, rehabs, elderly homes, women’s shelters, infirmaries, and various street outreaches, where many people hear the Gospel, as well as receive food for their families.

VOB is also committed to furthering the Kingdom of GOD through worship and intercession, believing that prayer and worship ‘grease the wheels’ of mission work.   VOB has sponsored and led worship in several targeted worship and intercession events. We have led worship at various outreaches in Tijuana, and are holding regular worship events in San Diego, designed to encourage people to spend extended time before the Lord in worship and prayer, and, specifically, to extend GOD’s Kingdom on behalf of the nations through worship and intercession.


We are a part of the evangelical theological stream of Protestant Christianity, adhere to the Nicene Creed and to the core values of the Protestant Reformation, namely the ultimate and essential authority of the Scriptures for Christian faith and practice, justification by faith, and the priesthood of all believers. We are both ordained by the Association of Vineyard Churches and Third Day Churches and are governed by a board of directors.

Faith Statement:

We believe that the God of the Bible is wild and free, safe but not tame, unfathomable, uncontainable, and unpredictable, and yet able to be known intimately.
We believe that conversion is the consummate God-encounter, and that divine encounters and Holy Spirit sightings are an ongoing part of a person’s spiritual journey.

We believe in the full vesting and gifting of God’s people by the Holy Spirit, and that all the gifts of the Spirit are for today and are to be eagerly desired and used by faith.

We believe in the priesthood of all believers, and that every believer is called to do the work of the ministry as part of the body of Christ.
We believe “that permission has been granted to do church differently in the 21st Century,” and commit to helping believers to “be the church” wherever they go.
We believe that radical worship is a lifestyle, and is to be extravagant in its many expressions.
We believe that love, servanthood and generosity define all aspects of church life.
We believe the central theme of the New Testament, both taught and demonstrated by Jesus, is the message of the Kingdom of God.

Why the name V.O.B?

Where did the name “Voice of the Bride” come from? One particular Sunday several years ago, during worship, I heard the most beautiful voice coming from the congregation.   I asked the Lord what that beautiful sound was. He said it was the voice of HIS bride, the Church worshiping and honoring Him (see Rev.19:7). There was such a unity in the voices of the people, it was overwhelming.

We want to be that voice and thus we chose this theme for our ministry name.   We want to be that voice – calling people out of their brokenness, out of their lifestyles of sin and pain and into a relationship with our most holy and awesome God. That is who we all are – The Voice of the Bride!



VOICE OF THE BRIDE MINISTRIES Earned a 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency

VOB just earned a 2019 Platinum Seal by adding information to our Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar. By sharing these important metrics, we’re helping the sector move beyond simplistic financial ratios to assess nonprofit progress.

We chose to display quantitative information to represent how hard VOB is working toward achieving our mission.

We’re proud to have earned a Platinum Seal to share our full and complete story with the world. To reach the highest level of transparency, we added extensive information to our Nonprofit Profile: basic information about our missions, programs, leadership, etc.; in- depth financial information; qualitative information about goals, strategies, and vision, and the progress we are making toward our mission.

What do you think? Check out our profile at GuideStar by Candid.


About GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles:

The GuideStar database contains a profile for every tax-exempt nonprofit registered with the IRS. GuideStar encourages every nonprofit to claim and update its profile at no cost to the organization. Updating allows nonprofits to share a wealth of up-to-date information with the more than 10 million people who visit GuideStar to learn more about nonprofit organizations each year. Updating also allows nonprofits to share information with the more than 200 philanthropic websites and applications that are powered by GuideStar data. To reach a given participation level, organizations need to complete all required fields for that participation level. The GuideStar participation levels, acknowledged as symbols of transparency in the nonprofit sector, are displayed on all updated participants’ profiles in the GuideStar database.

GuideStar, guidestar.org, is the world’s largest source of nonprofit information, connecting people and organizations with data on 2.7 million current and formerly IRS-recognized nonprofits. Each year, more than 10 million people, including individual donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, government officials, academic researchers, and the media, use GuideStar data to make intelligent decisions about the social sector. GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles are populated with information directly from nonprofits, the IRS, and other partners in the nonprofit sector. The Seal levels, acknowledged as symbols of transparency in the nonprofit sector, are earned by nonprofits providing specific information to its profile to.

In addition, users see GuideStar data on more than 200 philanthropic websites and applications like AmazonSmile, Facebook, and Network for Good. Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces to become Candid, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Find out more at candid.org and on Twitter @CandidDotOrg.


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