VOB News April 2020 “Love One Another”

Well, a month has gone by since our last newsletter.  Not much has changed….or has it?  We are still  in quarantine…still ‘social distancing’…..still wondering how all of this is going to turn out. But in the midst of all the uncertainty, I have had some of the deepest and richest prayer and reading times with the Lord, that I have had in years.  I’ll let you in on a tidbit, as I have been diving into Jesus’ conversations with the disciples, in the book of John, right before He was crucified.  I hope it lifts you up as well, and deepens your walk with the Lord:

Jesus told the 12 that they were to LOVE one another.  He said this was a new commandment, which He, Himself, was giving.  John 13:34

Jesus said all people would know that we are His disciples, By our love.  Johnn 13:35

Jesus said that if we loved Him, we would keep His commandments.  John 14:15

Jesus said that he who has and keeps His commandments, he loves Jesus and will be loved by the Father.  Johnn 14:21

Jesus said if we keep His commandments, we will abide in His love.  John 15:10

Jesus reiterated that His commandment was to love one another, just as He loves us.  John 15:12

Jesus commanded AGAIN, to love one another. John 15:17

See a pattern here? He gave a commandment  (which He deemed as new), that we are to love one anther. If we love Him, we will keep His commandment (to love). People would know His disciples, by that love. If we keep His commandments, it shows we love Him, and the Father will love us. He also said, if we keep His commandments, we would be abiding in His love…..and again, we should love one another.

So if we love Jesus, we will follow His command to love one another, and this will proves that we love Him, and then the Father will love us, because we love Him, and keep His commandments to love.   Wow!

I have a confession: sometimes when I read the letters that the apostle John wrote, I find them very circular, and I have a hard time grasping the deeper meaning.  But this time, during this Covid19 lockdown, I am really taking the time to read, re-read, and put it all together.  The upshot of this for you and for me, is how do we love?  That will take a little more time to figure out.  There are different ways.  Right now, loving the people in your own household, is probably the biggest need.  Treating them well, being patient, saying kind words, honoring each other.

This is all love…this is Jesus.  Let’s do this!






From the Worship and Compassion front:

We have been hunkered down, as have you most likely, this last month. Well Wayne has as much as he can aside from the food pick ups needed. There is still a lot of food to collect and technically he provides an essential service to the restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries by picking up the extra food. A burden they did not need to deal with in addition to all the radical changes in their businesses. The photo above was just today of bread he bagged and loaded from just one bakery. Also, though the border crossing has been restricted to normal travel, our ministry is allowed as humanitarian aid to cross back and forth. Of course Wayne continues to take extra precautions. Carol has stayed plugged in leading worship and prayer with some live Facebook video posts as well as some collaborative worship times on virtual video with other worship and prayer leaders around the nation and the globe. The screenshot above was from last Wednesday. You can see some of these video highlights and more Mexico photos on our Facebook pages below. We would love for you to visit and share your feedback. 



Quarantined with our housemates! Good thing we “love one another” to spend all this time together.

VOB News March 2020 “Where the Lord is”

From the desk of VOB…

After we sent out last months newsletter, Wayne and I realized we did not mention the Lord, at any point.  It got me thinking, and I’d just like to address a few thoughts around that.

Maybe it seems obvious, maybe it don’t, but there is absolutely NO WAY we could do, or would do, what we are doing, without the Lord’s complete guidance, direction, and provision.  I hope that is clear in anything we do or say! But the extent to which we are thankful to the Lord, is hard to convey with mere words.  We set out in 1996, to serve the Lord full-time, with a mission to reach the youth, the poor and the nations, and to disciple whoever GOD put in our path.  We have tried to remain faithful to that calling, nearly 25 years on.  We thank GOD for each and every person who has been standing with us, as part of our team, in all the multiple ways you do. And we humbly ask you to please consider sticking with us, through what is likely a very difficult time period for our nation.

With that being said, in this time of uncertainty and unprecedented adjustments to our day to day life, our resolve to continue the mission and calling of the Lord, is strong. Though we may have to adjust how we do things, we know Who our GOD is, and what He has called us to do. We remain committed to serving the poor, and standing in worship and prayer. We are taking things day by day in Mexico, since we do not know if, or when the border may close, or other restrictions might occur.  So far the last couple of days our crossing has been normal. As well, we will be dedicated to helping those immediately around us, who may have needs that we can address.

We are standing in prayer and worship. We encourage you to do the same. While you are hunkered down in your home, hunker down in prayer and worship. This is one sure-fire way of making a difference at this time!  Put on some worship music, grab your music instrument, sing words of honor to the Lord.  Isaiah 55:11 says the Word of the Lord shall not return void, but shall accomplish that which He desires.  We CAN make a difference!!!

In closing, for Wayne and I, to have the honor and privilege of serving the Lord in full time missions, is humbling, sobering, and stretching.  It continues to be challenging, to this very day. But most of all, we just wanted to take a moment, with this letter, to say to the Lord, “Thank You. We all want to give you everything we’ve got Lord.  And You are worthy. We can never say that enough.”           

With love and grateful thanks in our hearts, Love Wayne & Carol 

Specific points of information:

♦  All planned travel events for March have been cancelled, including a worship  event in Carlisle, PA. Cross Current, the bi-weekly discipleship group Wayne and a team has been leading in Tijuana, has also been postponed. May we all find new and fruitful ways of ministering during this time.

♦ It seems silly, in light of all that’s going on, but we ask you to pray for our health. This seems obvious for ALL of us, but as a side note, I have a strained rotator cuff injury of some sort.  Super painful, and restrictive. And we both have other pain management issues. 

♦ For Wayne, as he makes adjustments to his day to day routine, and for those who will be affected by this in TJ.

♦ I think we can all agree that this virus situation requires daily prayer. Let’s do this!