VOB News September 2011

Vicente with van load of Papaya's

How many folks does it take to move a van load of papaya’s?

Or how about, how many people does it take, to move the same load of papaya’s multiple times (i.e. on the truck, off the truck, on another truck to distribute at the outreach, etc.)?

Let me tell you, it takes many good, and faithful helpers! In TJ, we call this process “hormega” or ‘Ant’, as it takes an army of ant workers to move a pile from one side to another.

We are so grateful to have such a wonderful partnership with our brothers and sisters in Tijuana. Actually, it really ministers to me. I have realized how amazing it is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, who work together for the cause of the poor. The obvious blessing, is that the work goes so much faster.    The greater blessing, however, is the unity.         Click here to read the whole story.

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