VOB News November 2011

Thanksgiving Reflections of 2011!

It is Thanksgiving night, and as I read many words of thankfulness from one friend or another on Facebook, I ponder our thanksgivings at VOB.

 It has been an exciting year, full of many things to be grateful for.  As we reflect on those things, you are a priority on that list.  We are grateful for your partnership with us.  Without you, we would not have had Wayne now being able to pick up food full-time, 7 days a week.  We would not have been able to deliver countless truck loads of bread, pastries and canned foods.  We hope that in some way, you can reflect on your own participation in helping us put shoes on little (and big) feet one week, while delivering mattresses and clean sheets the next. How about 400 tortas and 80 gallons of water each week, for the homeless living in the Tijuana aqueducts?  Although you may not have been able to hear their sincere thanks, and see the grateful expression on each face, we gratefully reflect, knowing we have a team of partners behind each satisfied smile.

 What a blessing it was to have a team of “text intercessors” who were mobilized to cover us in prayer, each time they received our text, as we crossed the border (some 150+ times this year).

 Perhaps you participated with us this year, either here, or in your own prayer closet, worshiping and interceding over the nations, as we launched, a new worship initiative interceding for Japan after the earthquake, as well as the many critical issues in the Mid East.  Also,  another targeted intercession time for the U.S. and for Mexico, and the many problems that continue to arise with the government and drug cartels.

 You probably get the idea.  We are thankful for you.  We are grateful for the opportunities to share Christ, by both communicating, as well as  demonstrating the Gospel.

 One last prayer request to wrap this year up:  We are participating with our Mexican partners, in holding a large outreach event in Tijuana, Saturday, December 3rd.  Carol will be leading worship, and others will be sharing testimonies.  Along with our regular feeding of people, there will also be a medical team to care for medical needs, including dental and eye care. We are expecting to have a thousand people in attendance to serve.  We will give you the full report next month.   Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Love Wayne & Carol

p.s. If you haven’t already, check out the post below this one to look at some Christmas gift ideas with V.O.B-A-Gift.  Perhaps share it with a friend. If you would like to provide a gift in honor of someone, we need your reply by Dec. 15th, in order to return a Gift card to you.  Otherwise the gifts that keep giving can be designated at anytime.  We are also collecting toys and non perishable food, locally, for the holiday season.

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