VOB News Sept. 2007

Greetings dear friends, 

These two months living back in San Diego have been so wonderful.  We know you have been praying 
for us and we have certainly benefited from such.    Although I have yet to find a job, and we 
have yet to feel like we are doing all that we are called to do, we feel the grace and provision 
of the Lord.   

With your prayers and financial support, along with God’s provision of more work for Carol and a 
few odd jobs for me, we have been completely provided for.  We really give God the glory and thank 
you for being obedient.  In the natural, it does not make sense to move somewhere with higher 
rent, where income may be lower.  But once again, we are believers in a provisional God and His 
perfect will.   

With that said, I would not be honest if I did not also add that we need you to continue to 
support if you are able and we also could use additional support as my prospective job is delayed. 
 I have applied with a division of Mental Health doing field work with troubled kids in their 
present placement.  Some may still be in their own homes but risk being forced out or taken away. 
Others will be in foster homes and group homes.  It is a great job with flexible hours to allow 
time for Mexico ministry and alike. 
I am hopeful that this work will allow me the flexibility for continued ministry trips abroad.   I 
am hoping, at this time, to be a part of the ministry team at the Philippines Living Waters 
training in November.  The leaders  are counting on my coming and continuing the mentored training 
that I have been able to provide for the past 3 years.  I would like to go but have left it in the 
Lord’s hands.  Still, our ultimate dream would be to be free to do full-time ministry.  The Lord 

Trips to Mexico are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.  Each night I am there, I am honored to 
have the opportunity to minister somewhere outside my comfort zone. It is never dull nor has it 
become common to see the overwhelming differences in 2 nations separated by only a dotted line (or 
rather the 12 ft. wall that stands along that line).   

Let me take you along on a Tuesday night in a neighborhood called Postal (poe-stall).     Tuesday 
nights are probably the most unpredictable.  We take the truckload of bread I mentioned last 
newsletter, to a certain area of Tijuana that is known for where drugs are used and sold.  In fact 
one end of the street is just simply known as “the connection”  The ‘policia’ are aware of 
area but I am told are also paid well to overlook.  Just a simple part of why Mexico trails behind 
in a third world state - government corruption!   

We start on one end of the street making a few selected stops where we have met particular 
individuals and families in need.  My partner Greg, has been coming here 3 years consistently, and 
so we are expected each Tuesday night.  We give them some bread for their household and a little 
extra to share with others - but the greatest trust that we have earned is to take their hand and 
pray with them.  It is not required but has become desired by each of them.  One man told me he 
appreciated the bread but was most dependent on the prayer!  I could tell you hopeless story after 
hopeless story I have heard.  But I am encouraged to continue by the hopefulness that I see in 
many who we pray with.   

We eventually end up on a corner where as many as 50 and as few as 30 gather to meet us.    

Here we usually dispense bagels, muffins, and rolls that are easier to share with those who may be 
living on the streets or living in a room without electricity.  Some of these are drug addicts, 
and some are those who have been deported from the U.S. and have not managed to get on with their 
lives.  But each man and woman there is the very one I picture Jesus hanging out with.  At first I 
found it overwhelming  not to be able to offer a consistent approach of therapy to help them 
identify triggers of addiction.  That is how I am trained, right?  But though many do speak 
English and though my friend does speak Spanish, the most immediate opportunity I have is to point 
them to Jesus and trust Him to bring them to their knees.  We just try to be a consistent witness 
and demonstration of the Gospel.  

For example my new friend Victor who is a heroin addict, yet is probably one of the most seeking 
and giving people I have ever met.  He sleeps in an abandoned truck but always gives whatever we 
give him  to someone he is hanging out with.  He has gone along with us sometimes to other areas 
to help someone move or help us take bread into the prison (another stop - another story).  He 
likes hanging out with us but eventually he needs his fix.  He calls it “getting well”.  And 
truth that is how it feels because otherwise he gets really sick from the withdrawals.  But I know 
and believe that He is going to be able to overcome it as soon as he is ready.  And Jesus is 
already there waiting to keep him “well”. 

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