VOB News July 2007

Greetings to you.  May this letter find the Lord Jesus filling your life with His very presence
and peace.  

We have officially arrived and gotten into our new home here in San Diego.  Believe it or not, we
have another wonderful GOD-story about how we got into our new home in Ocean Beach, SD.  We
absolutely love it, and feel so blessed.  Our landlord is a Christian, and was so happy to have us
move in, that he even dropped the rent by a good sum, making the place more affordable for us.
And guess what?  It’s even another ‘little yellow house’!!!  

GOD’s grace abounds, and if we ever see you in person, we would love to relay how miraculously
ended up here.  But onto other things:  

It’s taken us awhile to get things settled and organized.  Every move does.  But as we have
and are doing that, we are beginning to look at ministry here.  We are sensing a 3-pronged
approach to our work here.  These three ‘branches’ would be:  

1.  helping the poor in this city and in Mexico (or wherever)
2.  helping those who are lacking community & fellowship in the Body of Christ.
3.  helping this city and the nations thru worship and intercession.  

There have been numerous times already, where both of us have said, ‘wow, there is so much we
could do to help, if we had more time’.   Wayne has  done some  work for a friends’ painting
company, and I have taken on 2 riding/training clients already.  For both of these things, we give
thanks.  But our heart to minister just means trying to juggle and balance income related work
with ministry, which is always frustrating.  

Wayne has begun going down to Mexico with a friend, taking food and prayer to the poorest of the
poor.  Please join us in prayer, as we seek GOD for guidance in several other potential areas of
ministry as well.  Among these possibilities are worship and prayer meetings devoted to Iraq and
Afghanistan, as well as working with a cancer clinic in the border area of Mexico, doing worship
and prayer ‘soaking’ times for the patients.  There are several other things we are
also, which we will mention at a later time.  And, as you will read, there is an almost unlimited
amount of work that could be done in feeding the poor.  We hope that the following stories will
inspire and encourage you.  

Also, we would just like to ask you briefly, if you would pray about joining Voice of the Bride on
a monthly support basis?  Several of you are already doing that, many for a long time! We are so,
so thankful for you and want you to know how much we appreciate your standing with us in both
prayer and giving.  We know that it is both of these things that are aids to furthering the
Kingdom of GOD.  Some of you dear friends in Kansas City are new to our mailing list & we welcome
you.  If you are new to our ‘team’, or have not been a regular supporter of VOB, we would just
you to pray about becoming a partner with us.  We would only want you to do so as the Lord leads.
Thank you for considering us!  
    "Three Shopping carts overflowing!!!" vob-bread-run
I really thought it must be some mistake: should I check with the store manager again?  It had
been several years before I picked up donated bread (or day old bread being thrown out that is). I
had forgotten what to expect when I told my friend Greg that I would be happy to stop by and pick
it up on our way to Mexico.  The pic attached gives some idea of how much bread I am
talking about.  But when I got to the ministry warehouse where other deliveries had been made, we
ended up with a truck bed full of bread that would have been thrown into a dumpster. As it turns
out this is a daily routine for many more truck loads of discarded food.   

 I wish I could somehow share the picture of the grateful, satisfied faces of those whom we shared
this bread with in Mexico.  And in addition to their thanks for the bread, they thank us for our
time spent and prayer for them as we asked the Lord to multiply provision for them beyond this
daily bread!  It really touched my heart and has continued to do so as I have been able to go many
more times a week since we returned.  I wish you could have seen the travels of one smashed &
melting chocolate cake, as it went from the discarded shopping cart, to the refrigerator of the
ministry warehouse, to our truck, and finally, to the Lily of the Valley Orphanage in Playa
Mexico.  All I could see on the many faces of scattered children were the chocolate lined outlines
of their little mouths.  The rather large cake was gone quickly (before we had even emptied the
truck) and it brought such delight to perhaps a less than exciting day for these 95 orphans.
Those children did not care where the smashed cake had been, only that it tasted good!!   

There are many more stories to save for another time.  But my face shines now thinking about them
and I pray that yours will too.  It just seems right to provide something I have, to someone who
has not.  This  includes of course, the grace and salvation of the Lord that we pray over each one

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