VOB News April 2007

Spring has sprung . . . oops, it seems to have lost its 'spring', but surely it will come around 
again.  Unfortunately not before the tulips have bent over in submission to the unexpected 
freezing temperatures.  Isn’t it weird how, when things are out of order, they do not go right? 
think perhaps that is how I have felt these last few months.   

It is true, as Carol said in our last letter, we must be thankful and faithful with what is put 
before us, day by day.  If we try to go ahead of God’s order it may cause us to lose our 
steadfastness, just like the poor, limp tulips  

I am thankful for the places the Lord has sent me, to see what He sees. On a recent trip abroad, 
He did just that.  Let me take you back and explain: 

It’s Sunday morning at the Cebu City Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  We were there in the 
Philippines to minister at our friends' maternity clinic. I was so excited to be attending a local 
church in the heart of a busy Filipino neighborhood that I was not yet ready to enter all the way 
in the church when we arrived.  

I stood in the doorway so I could hear worship but also be able to watch the kids entertain 
themselves in the alley kicking a can, just under a lady hanging laundry on a line above.  

As I began to enter into worship, and as I heard these congregants sing “All I want is You”, 
was captured by the innocence in their uninhibited worship.  I found myself standing on a handmade 
small rug.  It was made out of bits of scrap cloth sown together.  

There I stood on this resourceful rug in this more than resourceful (by force not choice) country. 
 I was so moved by the humble worship.  There was such enthusiasm in their singing, and much 
thankfulness in their hearts. I remember thinking, how are they so content?  

It just seemed to click for me that I have too many things in my life in the western world, which 
cause me to be weighed down with concern.  Perhaps you may relate.  As I stood on that beautiful 
rug, I had some life reflection. 

I began to think of when we lived in San Diego and how I was always so busy.   I always desired to 
do more among the poor, specifically in Mexico.  I always longed to spend more time producing 
something that really seemed to matter - something that made a difference.    I told the Lord that 
I felt I took for granted living so close to the border of Mexico and the many opportunities 
there.  I thought to myself, here I am in a third world country where there is such great need and 
how a small effort on my part could go such a long way.   

I told the Lord that I was sorry I did not follow what I believed was His leading of me and how I 
was undisciplined with my time, following my own priorities.  I had such a wonderful repentance 
there on that rug as I found freedom to worship uninhibited with my Filipino brothers and sisters. 
 Afterwards I told Carol and our team members, Eric & Crystal, that I needed to make some changes 
in my life in order to regain perspective and follow what God called me to do. 

Since that day in Cebu, I have felt so many levels of the Lord's grace and His leading.  These 
have been so confirming.  Confirming what, you might say?  Well, confirming that the desires of 
our heart were meant to be followed and that those desires were put there by God.    

The Lord is granting this,  as we plan to once again shift our geographical location from Kansas 
City, returning to San Diego. Some of you are surprised!  Others just 'knew' it already.  

We are very excited!  Even though we don't have all the details as yet,  returning there will be 
very strategic.  I will be reconnecting with ministry in Mexico on a much more purposeful level. 
I have some connections already, and plan to survey and scout what the Lord would have me put my 
hands to.   

I also plan to apply with organizations which work with troubled youth.  I have realized that 
another deep desire of mine is to make a bigger difference in the lives of teens.   

Carol has many things brewing in her heart regarding worship.  Some of that,  she has already 
begun to do with intercessory worship on our Philippines trip, and some other things she has done 
for Desert Stream.   She anticipates stirring things with former worshipers among our San Diego 
tribe.  She feels San Diego will be a good base for launching out into something called 'WorldWide 
Intercession Plan’, a ministry the Lord has given her a vision of, which entails bringing 
and intercession to the nations on an 'as needed' basis.   

Simply put, San Diego will become the 'base of operations' for Voice of the Bride.  And we believe 
it will be a launching pad for many things...... 

We definitely know we were to come to KC and work with Desert Stream.  We also have established a 
perfect peace over the fact that leaving San Diego only to return 3 years later is just a GOD 
THING!  We feel that we have been in God's will throughout this journey.  Carol and I have grown 
so much individually and are thankful for maturity in our marriage and ministry together. 

I have the blessing of the staff here at Desert Stream to go on and pursue a greater part of my 
calling.  They affirmed that I was instrumental, these 2 years,  in the transition of their 26 
year ministry, moving from California to Missouri.  I will continue to be involved with the 
ministry of Living Waters both locally and abroad just as I did before joining staff.   

We will be sad to leave our little yellow house the Lord provided for us during this season.  We 
have been so blessed by it.  He ordained many Divine appointments with so many while we were here 

More to come later.  We will keep you posted. 

By the way, I bought one of those rugs made of scraps and it blesses me each morning I sit over it 
and put my shoes on.   

I love those God changing moments, don't you?

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