VOB News Feb.2007

Hi everyone: 

Here I am, typing away, with the temperature outside at a balmy 9 degrees!!   Wayne is in San 
Francisco, with the Desert Stream Team working a conference at a church where we did worship 
outreaches years ago.   (Tune in at the end of our letter for a brief report of his phone call 

This has been a very hard winter here in the Midwest.  As always, I hope to learn something from 
day to day life  in Kansas City.  What have I learned from a month and a half of daytime temps in 
the 20’s & nighttime temps in the single digits??   I have learned that other people have it 
worse than I do.  I have grown to appreciate the fact that many people here in the U.S. and other 
nations, endure months of much colder weather than even we have had.  Just when I think I cannot 
deal with one more day of 18 degree-no sunshine weather, I am reminded of how much colder it is in 
Minnesota...or Chicago...or Montana....or Manitoba..     Just when I think my face can’t get any 
colder from being outside, or my hands any stiffer, I remember how much colder it COULD be.   I 
can be thankful that I have shelter, and am well cared for.  I can be thankful that Spring WILL 
come.   It helps me get thru the rest of the day, when the temps get even colder. 

Recently, I told a riding client of mine, that there will always be someone who is better than 
you, and there will always be someone who is worse than you.  That’s just how it is in the horse 
world.  But the principle is similar also in our everyday life, and helps us remain thankful, 
inspite of every circumstance.  No matter what I am going thru RIGHT NOW, someone has it worse, 
and someone has it better.  This keeps my pride down, when I think I’ve ‘arrived’, and it 
 helps me 
continue to be thankful, when I feel like I am at the end of my rope.   No matter what event is 
occurring in our day to day lives, there is something we can learn from it.   

I have come to believe that it’s in the daily life, that our walk with the Lord is honed, and 
refined.  It is not in the major ‘events’ or ‘mountain-top’ experiences that we truly 
 grow.  It’s 
in the day to day, long, slow burn of life.  Can we remain faithful in the very little things on a 
day by day basis?  Can we maintain a heart of love, when we are bored, or tired, or drained?   I 
hope so.  I have gotten to the place where I am realizing that the true adventure, if you will, is 
learning to be faithful in every day life, in stuff as unexciting as changing diapers, or driving 
to work, or feeding a hungry horse.  Is Jesus in this stuff?  Absolutely.  Does it prepare us for 
something more?  I surely think so.  Does it help me witness to that person I sit next to at work, 
or in school?  Yes, because I have known the faithfulness of Jesus in my every moment, both 
exciting and unexciting.  I can truly say, ‘He is always there’.  Actually, that IS what makes 
life exciting.  

So, why am I sharing this?  Probably because, in the midst of the 6 week heavy-duty winter of 
Kansas City, MO.,  I haven’t had any of those ‘exciting moments’ or mountain-top experiences 
carry me thru.  I have had days of being faithful to go outside and feed a cold horse, or ride 
somebody else's’ cold horse, or show up at a dinner for someone with snow and ice on the ground, 

or cook dinner for my family, or correspond via e-mail with a friend in another country.  I’ve 
been asking the Lord if I am growing from being faithful to do these simple things daily.  I can 
hear Him say, in a still, small voice, ‘Yes, Carol, you are absolutely growing.  You are 
obedience.’     Hmmmm....just like Jesus did....  And to think, that’s my regular prayer: Lord 
help me to be more like Jesus.  I guess I didn’t expect it to happen like this....slowly but 

Years ago, and actually, even before I got saved, I was in the musical “GODspell”.  In that 
there is a well-known song called,  “Day by Day”.  It’s the most simple song.  The lyrics 
short and  easy....’ 

		Day by Day...day by day..O Dear Lord, these things I pray: 
     To see Thee more clearly..Love Thee more dearly...Follow Thee more nearly...day by day 

Can you hear Him telling you that you are growing?  He will, you know...day by day by day. 

Love to you all, 
Carol and Wayne

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