VOB News December 2007

Border Crossing pic

“Well, last time I checked Virginia and North Carolina were still U.S. states”.

The U.S. border patrol officer actually seemed disappointed that he couldn’t find a reason to be more sarcastic, as we came to the check point, and he looked at our i.d.’s while we stated our birth states. For the last two hours, we have been in the car, slowly ebbing our way toward the border checkpoint out of Mexico and into the U.S. During our wait time, we see all sorts of things. People are selling various items, including ‘vas de elotes’, or buttered cup of corn with lime juice (delicious!), churros, or fried bread, bobble head animals, Aztec ‘artwork’, cute little children’s desks, flowers, and various and sundry ‘velvet’ paintings!!

We see drug sniffing dogs being pointed at numerous cars and trucks for checking. We see border patrol agents stopping vehicles and asking occupants to open their trunks and/or show their paper work. Every car that goes thru has to be stopped and have citizenship and i.d. checked. Usually we see children juggling balls for a few cents or addicts or amputees sitting on the street between lanes begging. It’s an amazing site, actually, when you sort of ‘step back’, and look at the entire process, and there is rarely a dull moment.

As we near the border, Wayne asks me, “where were you born”, so that I will be able to clearly answer back, ‘Richmond, Virginia’. I ask him the same. The humor in the question, is getting to the border crossing, being asked that very simple question, but, being nervous around the very stern border agents, completely blanking out as to my birthplace!! There’s nothing like being asked where you were born, and being totally tongue tied and not being able to answer that obvious question!! (Gee, where WAS I born??). Once, when passing from Mexico to the U.S. thru the border crossing, Wayne was asked where he had just been (a common question patrol agents ask). He answered, ‘Mexico’. “No @#*!*”, the border patrol agent said, “I’ll bet everyone behind you has too”, as he noted the thousands of people and cars lined up behind Wayne and friend Greg. Of course every person in line was obviously IN Mexico, waiting to go across, and he only wanted to know the town they had been in.

It’s just par for the course, when you go down to Mexico and return several times a week. And you have to find the humor in it, or it quickly becomes tedious and frustrating. This is something thousands of people do every day, making Tijuana the busiest border crossing in the world. But it’s worth the effort, when you know that you are bringing hungry people food. You see, resources in Mexico are no where near what they are in the States for the poor and hungry. We may not do a perfect job here in the U.S., but we sure do a good job. We have seen first hand how churches here in San Diego provide many wonderful meals for the poor and homeless, as well as healthcare, clothing, and sleeping needs. In Mexico, it is just not that way. And most of the time, the poor are made up of small families barely getting by.

The average salary for a person in Tijuana and the surrounding area, is $12 a day, with working
days being 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week. On this salary, housing, food, transportation and
paying for your child to go to school is needed. So, by bringing bread, fruit and vegetables to those in need, a large burden is lifted for these dear ones. It’s not saving the world. But it surely is helping the one right before us. And best of all, praying for each soul happens every time, for every person. All in Jesus’ Name!!

During this wonderful Christmas season, we want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for supporting and helping to provide for Voice of the Bride this past year. It’s been a year of changes, as you know. As always, your prayer support is so vital to this ministry. And please know that you are a part of feeding the hungry and helpless, and bringing the love of Jesus to those hurting, downtrodden and sometimes quite hopeless. May the Lord bless you richly and may the grace of the Lord Jesus, the love of GOD, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit abound to you and your families during this holiday season.

Love, Wayne and Carol


-Day to day provision for our personal needs.

-For Wayne’s new job (that he did get just after last newsletter) and provision through it.


-Safe travel as we drive between the coasts to visit our families during December and January

-Divine appointments throughout the holiday season, as this time of year, people are often more open to the things of the Lord.

-Please pray for ‘Victor’, a friend in Mexico who wants to be free from his addictions. Wayne and his buddy Greg, have been ministering to Victor for awhile now.

-Pray for favor and divine appointments in our daily work, Wayne at Mental Health Systems and Carol at Suncoast Farms.

-Pray for some finance needs: We recently had to overhaul our Blazer’s transmission. While we are both working, salaries are part time at this point, and horse training work can be sporadic. We count on missions support to supplement our time to do ministry part time as well.

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