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VOB News June 2017 “Summer of Love”


20 years ago, Carol, myself, Mark, and Gary from our church leadership staff, took a team to San Francisco to celebrate 30 years since the Summer of Love – a revolution of peace and love that emerged in the late 60’s.  A counterculture arose amidst this revolution, but so did the Jesus movement, one of the greatest ingathering of souls for the Kingdom of God in

that generation.  As I read over our newsletter from that July 1997, I was reminded of all the amazing opportunities we had to do worship and evangelism all over the city. Many people were reached and ministered to. What an amazing opportunity for the Lord, and what great memories for us!


(both photos above) Gary, Carol (guitars) and Wayne (hand drum) leading worship in a couple of San Fran city squares July 1997.

Fast forward 20 years, and another event is being organized to celebrate-now-50 years, since the Summer of Love outpouring. Our friend Melody Green, asked Wayne to come

and assist her, as she ministers at the event. She and her husband Keith, were among those who came to know the Lord through the birthing of the Jesus movement. They were also among the ones who took the reins, and continued leading others to the Lord through that revival movement. Her voice is valued for this milestone. We will be doing outreach in the parks again, and look forward to sharing our encounters with you. If you are curious in reading more about the event you can do so at www.thesound2017.com   Prayers appreciated July 5-9th.

We had a great visit with Melody last month. She has a wealth of wisdom and years of experience that is very inspiring. We are not beginners, after 21 years of full time ministry, but we recognize one who has given her entire life to the Lord and His service. I have often shared how much Keith Green’s music inspires my work with the poor. And how listening to it regularly, helps me stay on track.   One of my favorite things to do is drive around Tijuana, connecting with the faces and surroundings, while listening to Keith’s song;

Open your eyes to the world all around you. Open your eyes, open your eyes. This world is much more than the things that surround you, open your eyes…”   www.melodygreen.com


On this occasion, I got to drive around with the actual writer of the song! Melody rode jump seat with me, to deliver food to the orphanage one day. What a treat. She loved it and took some great photos of the kids helping me unload the truck. And of course we enjoyed some delicious tacos!

VOB News February 2017 “A dab of worship/prayer and a dollop of compassion”

In late January, we had the honor of leading worship & prayer on the Morongo reservation, in Banning, CA.  This reservation is home to the Morongo band of Mission Indians.  It is a beautiful place, not too far from Palm Springs.  The impetus for the gathering, was a family murder which occurred on another Southern California reservation.  These communities are small, and what affects one community, often affects another.  16265312_10154943077943890_7421529121261879264_nAs some of our First Nations friends from out of town were coming to San Diego for a visit, we were able to gather together on Morongo, and worship the Lord, praying & speaking His Word over the people.  These gatherings are always an honor.  We would ask you to please be in prayer for us, for the Lord to open up more doors for worship & prayer gatherings on, or near, reservations throughout North America.  Our deepest desire, is to see the host people of the land, come to the Lord.


A friend of the ministry was recently inspired to donate funds for blankets, after a visit with us, to some of the care facilities.  Their generous donation, our partners connection to the right place to purchase, and some haggling with the merchant, produced 145 warm blankets for the residents. There were many sweet, and smiling faces, on this cold rainy day.

Blessings, Wayne & Carol

Amigos! Wayne with our partner Vicente having some fun in the blanket store.
Amigos! Wayne with our partner Vicente having some fun in the blanket store.












Wayne just returned from helping lead another Living Waters Training. Nearly 50 participants, left their burdens at the cross and returned to their church communities to lead others to do the same.  Carol is on her way (March 2–6th) to the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota (YES, in the middle of winter) to join a team at the “Indigenous Healing the Land conference- from Wounded Knee to a bright new future”.  Watch for more about this in next months newsletter!