VOB News May 2021 “VOB Fleet”


Have you seen the HE>i bumper sticker?  HE IS GREATER THAN I.  We have almost adopted that as an unofficial logo on all of our trucks. This really says it all! Good reminder to us and, as it is often mentioned, a hopeful message to others. 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  In this months issue, we wanted to share our fleet of trucks (5 different ones pictured loaded below) that are “worth more than their weight in gold”! Ok enough cliche’s, but it’s true, that we could not deliver the thousands of pounds of food each week, without them. The trucks range in age from 6 to 36 years old. In these cases, the older ones are the beefier trucks which can carry the greatest loads. The two 12-foot F350’s were amazing donations (years ago) for my partner and I, from a long time supporter of VOB. In fact, a third 17-foot truck was included (not pictured), that is kept in Mexico to transfer food from the smaller ones regularly taken through customs

And then, just before the start of the year, VOB was blessed with the panel truck above (see keys being handed off to Wayne).  This panel truck can not only receive pallets loaded by a forklift, but can also transport food protected from the weather. 

Obviously, these are not all driven at once, but each has its’ very own purpose.  Ok, why are we talking trucks???  We are so glad you asked!  We need prayer for all of these trucks. Firstly, gas prices are rising for us, just as they are for you.  Also, in recent months with new Mexican customs administration, we have been paying considerably higher import fees. Naturally, the larger the truck, the more the goods, and, ultimately, the more we have to pay.  Finally, in this past month, we have had 3 trucks down at once. Unfortunately, each needed large overhaul type repairs (rebuilt engine, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt differential and axis) – all problems resulted from carrying heavy loads. All are being remedied with heavy duty, more costly parts. Are we asking you to help pay for these repairs? As a matter of fact NO, because GOD has already provided every dime so far.  Thank you JESUS (and some of you-wink wink)!  But there are always costs involved. And as mentioned before, we ALWAYS need prayer for provision and protection!  Undoubtedly, customs has proven to be an ever changing gymnastics exercise for us.  Just this past Friday, Wayne had to unload the whole center of his truck for customs to inspect (photo below). This is no easy task when you are by yourself, especially when you’ve spent all day loading it up!   Favor comes and favor goes. But prayer can steer that shifting favor best! 

We are so grateful for your prayer navigation! Love Wayne & Carol

UPDATE: We have one truck back on the road, 2nd one was repaired bad had to go back in for a redo. And the third one waiting on parts. Hopefully all running again soon. For an anticipated busy summer as things start opening back up from the pandemic.

A bit of a hassle to have to unload for Customs
to approve the food being donated . . .

. . . But so totally worth it to get to the people who need it!!

VOB News April 2021 “Focus at the border”

While the upheaval continues, GOD is still, and always will be, on the throne.  Odd way to start a newsletter?  Yes, a bit.  This is usually what a newsletter or devotional ends with.  But why beat around the bush?  This is the bottom line and the answer to every question, while events around us seem to swirl into continuing chaos.  GOD is still on His throne, and He always will be.  That’s what I have to focus on each day, no matter what.  Even when the doubts creep in.  Even when Wayne sees hundreds of people in tent cities, gathered at the border, hoping to come into the USA.  Even when arguments rage, and opinions fly about like swarming bees.

I asked the Lord recently, “what do we do about the border issues, Lord? It seems to be getting more and more out of control”.  The simple answer the Lord gave me was, “Pray that these people will get saved”. “Pray for revival among them”. “Pray like you would for any other human in the world”.  I got it.  My opinions aren’t really all that helpful.  But my prayers in partnership with the Holy Spirit, ARE!!!  So that’s what I’m doing….I’m praying for these folks to get saved;  to see the presence of the Lord in their midst;  for the Lord to use their circumstances to bring about salvation;  for something GOOD to come out of all this chaos.  

Won’t you join us?  

Just this week Wayne and some missionary friends in TJ, packed 100+ bags of basic food staples. Wayne took these to the immigrant camp, where virtual pandemonium broke out, with people scrambling to get the bags. Everything was gone in 15 minutes. While human nature is quite disappointing at times, still, Jesus died for every person He has created.  Always something to keep in mind, right?

Jomar and Vicky, who serve with co-laborers in Tijuana Mexico-Red, helped Wayne make the care bags of food.

ps.  We could use your prayers also, as we navigate the continuing border crisis in a variety of ways. Including the fact that we are being charged 4 times the price with each crossing right now. Our monthly budget for import fees has more than tripled each month since the first of the year.