VOB News October 2014 “Be the VOICE of the Bride”

Carol and the worship band.
                Carol and the worship band.

For several months now, the ‘worship’ side of Voice of the Bride has been growing.  This month, we sponsored a 12 hour day of worship, called “Twelve for the Tribes”, which just happened to fall on the high holy day of Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur was the day when the Jewish high priest went into the holy of holies, to make the atoning sacrifice for the sins of the people, for the year.  Jesus, of course, is THE ultimate sacrifice.  So it was an honor & privilege to do these 12 hours of worship, on this day.   We had worship leaders from around San Diego county, participate.  Worship went up.  Prayers went up.  Dance & art were a part of the day long event.  People from all over the county came & worshiped.  It was pretty cool!

Franki helping to sort out the donated food.
Franki helping to sort the donated food.

VOB collected non-perishable food items, throughout the 12 hour day, as the ‘compassion’ side of our ministry.   We do this regularly, during our monthly P.lace o.f W.orship, worship & intercession gatherings.  Food is collected, for distribution to those we work with in Tijuana.  This month, we collected several boxes, through the “Twelve for the tribes”  worship day.  We love this part!

 As part of our worship mandate, we are getting to participate in many worship events that are going on around our county.  There is quite an outpouring of worship, going on in San Diego, for which we are very thankful.  Laboring in this particular field for many years, it is a joy to see more worship coming forth.  A few months ago, we were honored to be a part of a worship & prayer event that our missionary friends, David & Hilary Overton, did in Cebu, Philippines.  We did this via Skype.  Carol led worship, here at our house, with some prayer partners coming to participate.  Via Skype, we worshiped & prayed with staff members at Glory Reborn.  Truly, this was an honor to do!

Jane Goodell praying for Kathleen.
         Jane Goodell praying for Kathleen.

We also had the honor of hosting Kathleen Dillard, in September, as she came and shared with us about what the Lord is doing in India, and what the Lord wants to do here, in the U.S.A., through prayer and worship.  Many folks were touched & the worship and intercession that came forth for the nations was super powerful!  We often pray for Kathleen, and those she ministers to in No. India, during P.o.W.  So it was great to have her here, in person.

Thank you for your part in contributing to what VOB is doing.  Your prayers, giving & encouragement, mean a great deal…..May it all be for the glory of the Lamb of GOD!!

Love Wayne & Carol

VOB News August 2014 “P.lace o.f W.orship”


Thank you for praying for the “worship” arm of VOB.  Our monthly worship gatherings, called P.lace o.f W.orship, or P.o.W., have seen more and more people catching the vision for worship and intercession, and the part each one of us has in that endeavor.  Rather than sitting back & watching, people are now really starting to participate with prayer, Scripture reading and other interactive involvement.  We are also a part of several worship activities going on around San Diego county.  Our hope is to spark people to realize that, as believers, we CAN make a difference through compassionate efforts to help people, physically, as well as through worshiping the Lord & praying for the things on His heart…..that worship can be active, in changing the atmosphere, not just passive!  Please keep praying for the development of this aspect of VOB!


The Living Waters International training went very well. Our team of 25 or so, consisted of those from Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada and the US. Though a bilingual training, I followed the Spanish speaking, very well. Of course I was assisted by a translator in the small group I led, but I was greatly encouraged by the team, that my Spanish was coming along nicely. I was inspired to return home and make an effort to take a course in conversational Spanish. Carol is also interested to develop her worship in Spanish. Now, to find the time and financial resources to do so (Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring us to do so).

The training took place in Villa Guerrero, in the State of Mexico, Mexico, 2 hours south of Mexico City. VG, a small community of agriculture. It reminded me of our first missions trips to Chihuahua when Carol and I were in college before we were married. As always, the training was a full schedule of teachings, ministry times and small groups. The men in my small group were from different countries, religious backgrounds, and stages of life, yet their need to sort out some personal struggles did not differ. They each rose to the occasion in sharing some of their difficult upbringings, poor personal choices, and withholdings in the ministries they lead. Each of them are ministers or priests in their homelands. I was honored to hear their stories, offer some guidance and counsel, speak affirmation, and pray Jesus’ peace and restoration over them. It is always a special privilege to meet a few more good men around the world!


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We took a few days to drive up the coast of California for some R&R.  Carol got to hug her favorite majestic Redwood trees, and Wayne ventured into some hollowed ones, as we both enjoyed the peace of the forest! Truly one of God’s wonders! 10615965_10152623966708890_6010943642491923948_n