VOB News September 2019 “Boots on the ground”

Carol and Betsy praying over the Badlands on the Pine Ridge Rez.







One of those ‘suddenlies’ came about this month, when a friend told me about an intercessors gathering on Pine Ridge reservation. I was able to fly out on short notice, and head out to the reservation with friends Betsy and Layne Moeller, to help lead worship at a gathering of the “Seven Council Fires” intercessors. Though small in number, these folks are mighty in the Lord.  Our leader asked us to please pray for unity amongst the people of the reservations, as unity will lead to more concerted prayer, and true change on the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota reservations.

After 400 years of missions to the First Nations people of North America, the percentage of Native people who are Christians, is still so small.  Our brothers and sisters are laboring hard for their own people to come to know Jesus. Being with them, and working alongside in their communities, through worship and prayer is such a joy! Hearing their stories, always clarifies to me, how the Lord is leading VOB, to be a part of this movement.

I often hear stories of how believers are persecuted in their own communities for following Jesus, which is considered to be the ‘white man’s religion’.  They are staying strong, and continue to faithfully follow the Lord in their own reservations. There IS a profound shift among First Nations, at the moment, as leaders are being raised up to bring the Gospel to their own people, and help them grow in Christ. We ask you to continue to pray for guidance, and open doors for VOB, as we look to follow the Lord in assisting both our First Nations, as well as our Mexican friends. 

One quick story:  Norma Blacksmith (in photo above), Lakota elder, and leader of this intercessors gathering, told me that for several years, she gathered these leaders and intercessors from the various reservations, to come together for teaching and to report on what the Lord is doing on their reservations.  Norma told me that, in the past, not one of the leaders would get up and share.  They were too timid, and didn’t see a lot going on in their home areas.  This time, however, 8 of the 9 reservations in South Dakota were represented, and each person got up and shared what the Lord is doing on their land, giving reports of how the Lord is moving.

Carol at “the falls” of Sioux Falls South Dakota

Norma saw this as a massive breakthrough, and a true testimony as to how the Holy Spirit is moving.  I believe it is also testimony to how the Lord is answering the prayers of His people during the 9 reservation prayer journey you supported in June!

The landscape is changing, and we are forever thankful for YOU, for being a part of our own journey.  GOD bless you dear friends and thank you!




Wayne attended the Living Waters International Summit in Kansas City with our friends at Desert Stream this past month. He got to see some old friends and made a few new ones of LW leaders from around the world. Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Chile, French New Guenea, France, New Zealand, South Africa. These leaders are doing extraordinary things among very broken people in their lands. So honored to encourage them in prayer and support. And also honored to receive prayer as one ministering in Latin America! 









Another KC highlight was getting to spend an evening with our friends at Hope City and sharing the Tijuana ministry at their Monday night service. This was mostly an opportunity to thank them for praying for us in their downtown prayer room each month and for their faithful monthly support.




After the Summit, as planned, Wayne packed up Keith Green archives and drove them back West. “California here we come…right back where we started from” was among many tunes in his head for the 23 hour drive straight through the night. It was a good time with an old friend (of 30 years) sharing life stories and listening to some good classic Christian rock from back in the day. A sizable portion of the memorabilia is now safely tucked away in a new climate controlled storage unit in Hollywood. Melody (photo left) was very grateful and we are so honored and humbled to take part in preserving such important history from 40 years ago and since. 



Speaking of history. By the time you read this,  Carol and team will have led worship at another important commemorative event recently Saturday September 28th. She lead two sets including one tag teaming with Melody Green. “Meet Me at the Tent,” commemorates the 70th anniversary of Billy Graham’s Los Angeles crusades, in 1949. This original crusade had been originally scheduled for 3 weeks but ran into 8 weeks when more than 350,000 people continued to attend. With 3,000 new commitments to Christ. You really should google this historic event. It is fascinating how many stories are connected to this move of the Lord 70 years ago.  We were honored to be a part of this special event, held on the same physical site, which is focusing on seeing people come to the Lord.  And thought the numbers of attendees were not as many as hoped for, there were 250 new believers! And that is all that counts!!



VOB News August 2014 “P.lace o.f W.orship”


Thank you for praying for the “worship” arm of VOB.  Our monthly worship gatherings, called P.lace o.f W.orship, or P.o.W., have seen more and more people catching the vision for worship and intercession, and the part each one of us has in that endeavor.  Rather than sitting back & watching, people are now really starting to participate with prayer, Scripture reading and other interactive involvement.  We are also a part of several worship activities going on around San Diego county.  Our hope is to spark people to realize that, as believers, we CAN make a difference through compassionate efforts to help people, physically, as well as through worshiping the Lord & praying for the things on His heart…..that worship can be active, in changing the atmosphere, not just passive!  Please keep praying for the development of this aspect of VOB!


The Living Waters International training went very well. Our team of 25 or so, consisted of those from Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada and the US. Though a bilingual training, I followed the Spanish speaking, very well. Of course I was assisted by a translator in the small group I led, but I was greatly encouraged by the team, that my Spanish was coming along nicely. I was inspired to return home and make an effort to take a course in conversational Spanish. Carol is also interested to develop her worship in Spanish. Now, to find the time and financial resources to do so (Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring us to do so).

The training took place in Villa Guerrero, in the State of Mexico, Mexico, 2 hours south of Mexico City. VG, a small community of agriculture. It reminded me of our first missions trips to Chihuahua when Carol and I were in college before we were married. As always, the training was a full schedule of teachings, ministry times and small groups. The men in my small group were from different countries, religious backgrounds, and stages of life, yet their need to sort out some personal struggles did not differ. They each rose to the occasion in sharing some of their difficult upbringings, poor personal choices, and withholdings in the ministries they lead. Each of them are ministers or priests in their homelands. I was honored to hear their stories, offer some guidance and counsel, speak affirmation, and pray Jesus’ peace and restoration over them. It is always a special privilege to meet a few more good men around the world!


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We took a few days to drive up the coast of California for some R&R.  Carol got to hug her favorite majestic Redwood trees, and Wayne ventured into some hollowed ones, as we both enjoyed the peace of the forest! Truly one of God’s wonders! 10615965_10152623966708890_6010943642491923948_n