VOB News March 2018 “Muckleshoot Mission”

The word “Muckleshoot,” as related to me by Pastor Charlotte Williams, means ‘nose’, or high point.  The original word was likely “Buklshuhls”, and probably designated a lookout point, somewhere between the White and Green Rivers, in Washington state.


The backstory of the First people in this area is quite fascinating, and being on the land at the Muckleshoot Pentecostal church, was a real honor. Thanks go out to YOU, for praying and supporting our awesome team! We were able to do several sessions of worship, and enjoyed getting to know our brothers and sisters in the Lord, just a little bit more. Please pray for more open doors for these worship & prayer gatherings, as we look to partner with others for breakthrough!

Highlights from the trip:

  • Seeing different folks come forward and enthusiastically speak Scripture over the land, in concert with the worship music, praying and asking the Lord to come and move among the people! They were so faithful!
  • Reconnecting with friends I’ve been blessed to make in recent years.

  • Watching a little girl worship the Lord with her grand mom, and seeing how much she just loved it, was super precious.  Truly, ‘out of the mouths of babes’, will come the worship of the Lord!!
  • Being able to speak to the youth, and encourage them that we need them and what they bring to the church! This was a brief encounter with about 10 kids, but it was such an unexpected delight!





  • And just being with our amazing and seasoned team…always a pleasure:    Thanks Victoria, Julie, Marta, Jeff, David, and Eric!!

    Thanks also for praying for the First Nations Leadership Summit I attended in Oroville, CA, mid-February. Again, the highlight for me, was seeing many friends, hearing how they are doing, and just giving or receiving a hug.  Special thanks go out to Linda Coffey, for hanging with me, and helping me out with my ‘semi-sprained’ ankle.

    Quick prayer update: We’ve taken a few hits with recent repairs for the Mexico trucks. The Lord always provides, but if you’ve considered giving, now would be a great time!

    We love you guys and are so, so thankful for you!  Love Wayne & Carol

VOB News February 2018 “…competing according to the rules”

As often happens when it’s time for the Olympic Games to roll around, inspiration and lessons from the Lord, follow. In particular, this time around, I’ve been learning the value of ‘just keep going’. Some of my absolute favorite winter Olympic sports, are biathlon and cross-country skiing. I suppose because they require so much dedication and commitment, which I find to be inspiring. But another sport I’ve grown fond of, is something called ‘Snowboard-Cross’. It’s an event where 6 snowboarders at a time, all race down a hilly and winding course, to see who will get to the finish line first. The race has been described as ‘NASCAR on ski’s’. Snowboard-cross is a wild and woolly race, and lots of things can happen. One person can be at the front, with a huge lead, while others have fallen down in the back, and are seemingly out of the race. Suddenly, the leader might wipe out, taking others with him/her, and the person in the back, who was super far behind, comes to the forefront, and wins the gold medal. Over the years I’ve watched this sport, I’ve seen this happen several times. It’s kind of amazing. I’ve seen the same thing happen with Biathlon, or Cross-Country skiing. I watched a race the other day, where a guy got tangled up with some other skiers at the start of the race, almost completely out of it. But he persevered, and with amazement, everyone watched as he ended up slowly chipping away, and finally winning the whole race!

You can probably guess where I’m going with this, right? But to bring it into our day to day lives, we are often struggling, big-time, with a wide variety of obstacles. In our case, there have been a myriad of things in the last couple of months, that

have been difficult. Family stuff, ministry stuff, physical stuff, friends in need, all have meant a great deal of digging in and trying to stand firm. When I watch these feats of human endurance, I am encouraged to just “KEEP GOING”. These sporting events, are only a metaphor for life, in general. Winning a gold medal is only a temporal thing. But the day to day life we endure, and the way we manage our faith in the Lord, is what truly matters. When I read verses such as II Timothy 2:5 “And also, if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not win the prize unless he competes according to the rules”, I am reminded to keep plugging away. Our ‘competing according to the rules’, is to remain faithful. Verse 13: “If we are faithless, He remains faithful; for He cannot deny Himself.” 

These words bring me great comfort, in a time of upheaval. We pray that they will comfort you, as well. If you’re going through the fire, just keep going..…  Ephesians 6:13
“…and having done everything, to stand firm…..” 

We love and value YOU!!! May the Lord bless you and keep you, both now and always,

Love Wayne & Carol

Prayer points:
Wow, where do we start this month.

  • pray for our family, as we still need to see healing come, including Franki June.
  • pray for Carol’s re injured/sprained ankle.
  • pray for VOB, as we make some recent needed adjustments among food collection efforts.
  • pray for worship gathering on Muckleshoot reservation (Wash.State) 1st weekend in March.
  • pray for ongoing Mexico work, and continued favor with border crossings.
  • prayer need for some added admin & other responsibilities on Wayne’s plate.
  • Pray for additional finances needed for ongoing worship event travels to Native American reservations.