VOB News August 2018 “Scholarships Needed”

We mentioned a couple of months ago that you would hear about Jasmine again.  She has just graduated from high school (see her cap and gown photo to the right). We have shared about her before, concerning her father, who was murdered in a store robbery at his workplace, a few years ago.  This life changing event, spurred Jasmine to want to


study to be a criminologist.  We were so blessed to be there to celebrate her graduation this month, on such a special life accomplishment. It is more common for boys to quit school in Tijuana, but it is difficult for many families to persevere with expenses concerning school costs. Jasmine persevered with your financial help, and now would very much like to go on to college–again, something very difficult for young people in the poor communities we serve.  She will start college this Fall. Her registration has been paid, thanks to VOB supporters, but we will need to begin her monthly tuition next month. A very generous gift came, from one of our dear schoolmates from Bible College in memory of her sweet papa (thank you, A.L). This gift will help for Jasmine’s first semester.  Your joined sponsorship can help keep Jasmine in school for the next three years.  Can you help?

Angelica “Angie”

Last August we told you about Angie, one of our ministry partner’s daughter.  Angie, then having just graduated from high school, wanted to go on to Nursing school. This past year, she has been waiting for a space to open up at the school she desired to go to. Angie went to work right away, and has saved up this year for her future living expenses, once she starts school. VOB paid for her registration, and just started her monthly tuition this month. We are looking for sponsors to help us carry this need. A young person in Tijuana, going on to college, will have infinitely more opportunities in life to succeed, than a child who either doesn’t finish grade school, or has only a high school education.  Learning a trade like nursing, will truly be a GODsend for Angie, for the rest of her life. If you remember, Angie had cancer as a child.  This gave her the vision to want to go on to be a nurse, helping others in the way she was helped when she was a child (she is in her new nursing student uniform to the left). Your sponsorship, can help Angie fulfill this dream, and have a better life.  Angie will be in school for three years also.  Can you help? 

Just knowing the difference these 2 young women are going to make in their communities makes it all worth it. Life in Mexico is a daily struggle. Their tuition is more affordable with the American dollar than you may realize. ANY amount you can help with each month will help us. Being able to support these two young women, following their progress over the years, is something we know has eternal blessings.  We look forward to reporting on their progress along the way. 

YAY!!! Antonio did it! So very proud of him to return and graduate high school a week before turning 21 years old! We thought you would enjoy seeing his smile! Thank you, Wayne &Carol
Jasmine’s graduation day with Wayne.
Angie cap and gown photo 2017

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