VOB News July 2018 “On the plains of the Lakota Nation”

Our awesome team at the Denver airport. Trust us-it was easier getting us and our gear on a plane, than it was stuffing us all into a rental van for a 6 hour drive across the plains!

Thank you for praying!

The trip to Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, was amazing. We learned so much about the Lakota nation, and met some incredible prayer warriors who have been standing for their people for decades. We ate Buffalo stew! (It was delicious).  

Along the way, during the trip, we stopped at the location of the Wounded Knee battle, and were sobered to read the details of the battle in the actual location. Driving through White Clay Nebraska, just outside of the reservation (google White Clay to see what I’m talking about), was a stunner.  Listening to the stories of the people who live on Pine Ridge, and seeing the children who hang around, day to day, at the rec center where we were, gave us a lot to pray about for the future. We look forward to going back. Wayne and I felt it such a privilege and honor to be there.  Words are hard to describe what it was like. So we will leave you with a few photos, which we hope will convey, in some small way, the wonders of being on the reservation, and the blessing from the Lord, to be there.  

Wayne playing the Abba drum with Jonathan Maracle from Canada, Michael, and Christian from Hope City House of Prayer in Kansas City (VOB partners) who also brought a whole team up to minister at the camp meeting.
Marta letting AJ, from the Res, play her violin. He was the first kid to meet us when we got there, and the last to see us off when we drove away. And we enjoyed him hanging around all in between! Cover him Lord!
Carol and a couple of the Lakota elder women, praying over the land.

We prayed on top of the highest point of Pine Ridge, with about 25 others. We took communion and prayed that the Lord Jesus Christ would come and bring a new day of salvation to the Lakota people. 

Our team led several worship & prayer sessions, where people came forward and proclaimed the Word of the Lord from the Bible, over the land. We participated in a March for Jesus, into ‘downtown’ Pine Ridge (this being the crossroads of the reservation, and where there are a few small businesses located), showing unity in the Body of Christ on the reservation. “If I be lifted up…”

One thought on “VOB News July 2018 “On the plains of the Lakota Nation”

  1. It did my heart good to hear about your trip to the Lakota Nation. You did a great job conveying the unity & Godliness of your mission. I loved it!

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