VOB News April 2018 “If I be lifted up…”


Wayne & Carol in Florida
Wayne & Carol in San Diego

“… if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”    

  John 12:32



How was your Easter? We were remembering a Spring break a few years back, 26 years to be exact. A trip to Daytona, Florida, when we were “just friends,” and decided to build a cross and carry it down the beach, while handing out Gospel tracks. That’s Wayne above (left) in the short shorts (1992), carrying the cross, and Carol, to the side, talking with folks as we passed by. Some of you might know that this was the trip that “did it” for us, as we decided on a life partnership in telling others about Jesus, as husband and wife.

We decided that we were over due in carrying a cross down the beach. Photo above (right)  is this past Easter Sunday. Carol played her guitar, as Wayne pulled the rather heavy cross in the sand. Back then, we drew the attention of a local news station. This time around, sparked a lot of people wanting selfies (photos) with the cross! Our hope was that the multitudes on the beach who saw the cross, considered Jesus, and His Salvation!

He prayed for a nebulizer! 

One of the things we love about what we get to do, is to take what someone no longer wants, and give it to someone else who is in need. We never cease to be amazed at just how God does it. Here are two different accounts:

Recently, a friend wrote us asking if anyone in Tijuana could use a nebulizer. My first response was, “maybe – what is it?”  I thought for sure, one of the infirmaries could use it for a person with asthma. So I took it down to TJ, and asked around. One of our associates found the perfect home! The man in the photo above, had been praying for this very machine, I had never heard of.

He hoped to buy a guitar not expecting it to be gifted to him!

On the other hand, my young friend Pedro (with the guitar in the other photo), had recently mentioned if I ever came across a guitar that he might could afford to buy, to please let him know. I put the word out on Facebook, and right away, one of my friends had a guitar he had been thinking of finding a new home for.

These exchanges made for 4 satisfied households, with each person equally blessed – to give and to receive!

(left to right) Wayne, Carol, Kurt, Shawn, Kim, Tony




Meet our VOB Board of Directors: (photo left)

We recently had dinner with our current board. We are so grateful for our long time friendship with one another, and we particularly appreciate their support and council, as we share and implement ministry vision each year.  God is faithful!

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