VOB News January 2018 “Hope Restored…”

A blast from the past of us from one of our honeymoon breakfast photos in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Wow, this month marks the 200th issue of our newsletter. Some of you have been on our mailing list since the first issue, when we left North Carolina for full time ministry, 22 years ago in January 1996!  Not only that, but also this month we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, which is even harder to believe.  We were able to reflect on all of this, as we drove across this great country of ours (AGAIN –  how many times we have lost count) to visit family for the holidays. We hope you had a great Christmas and HAPPY New Year!!

Miguel, Peter, Wayne & Flora at Campamento de Fe.

Hope Restored Can Go A Long Way

On a recent visit to Campamento de Fe, (Camp of Faith) where a dear sister, Flora (in photo above), takes care of a dozen or more men who need medical attention, we got to hear an awesome testimony from Miguel (below).  Our friend and VOB supporter, Peter, went along with Wayne, and got to hear Miguel’s story, first hand.

Miguel at Campamento de Fe, where he went from being a patient needing medical care, to sticking around and helping serve the others needing care.

Around 8 or so years ago, Wayne, along with Vicente, was at Camp of Faith when Miguel had first arrived. He had 2 broken ankles, 2 wrapped wrists and a bandage on his neck – all from 3 different attempts to take his own life. He had cut his wrists and neck artery previously, and jumped from a high level in a final effort. Thankfully, the Lord spared him each time, waiting for this moment He was going to encounter Miguel. Vicente and I prayed for and with him, bound the spirit of death, and declared hope and life over him. I saw, before my very eyes, his transformation into freedom.

As he told this story to us again, upon this visit 8 years later, he spoke over and over about how much he did not want to live back then.    And then he said, with a big smile, “ASK ME NOW!”

Wayne praying with the group of other residents in Flora (and Miguel’s) care.

“Let Compassion Reach it’s Destination” Kathleen Dillard













Worship Corner:

Carol will be attending some key leadership meetings with a round table of Native American leaders in February. She will report on that in the next couple issues.

Pray for great connections.

Also please pray for open doors, as we work on several worship projects around the country, scheduling for the coming year.

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