VOB News July 2017 “Awaken the Dawn”

Dear friends:

This October, we have an opportunity to be involved in an incredible worship event called Awaken the Dawn.  The event will be held in Washington D.C., the first weekend in October.  This is a massive ‘tent city’ worship gathering on the National Mall, all around and near the Washington monument, Capital Hill, the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, and the White House!!  There will be 50 tents set up, one for each US state, as well as 5 large tents for the regions of our nation, plus one for Israel.  In each tent, day and night worship, for 2 straight days, will be held.  This will involve hundreds of musicians and singers, all giving praise to the Lord in our nations capitol, day and night!  Wow!!  The culmination will be a day of worship & prayer named Arise: The Deborah Call, calling women to stand together for Jesus & for our nation. 

We are super blessed to announce that VOB will be sending a worship team. We will be leading worship in both the state tents, as well as the regional tents.  We’re assembling a strong worship band, including our First Nation friends, musicians, artists and intercessors.  It is truly our privilege to be able to do this and we invite you to come along, Oct 6-9, if you are able!

Here’s the thing.  Our monthly budget is covered and we are super thankful to the Lord and to you for being faithful in your part of VOB!  This opportunity to go to D.C., to represent the Lord in worship & prayer, will go far above our normal budget.  Would you consider sowing into what we are preparing to do?  As you might know, Washington DC is a really expensive place to stay. We have air travel for the team, van rental, hotel rooms, parking, etc. So we really need YOUR help!!!

Would you please consider giving? No amount is too small (or too big!)

A few things have happened recently that have confirmed to us that the Lord is really orchestrating all of this, and we are excited! Last year, when I was in DC for Alltribes worship & prayer event, I went to David’s Tent, which is a permanent 24 hr worship tent, located near the WWII memorial. I was so moved by the presence of GOD, and the incredible blessing of having believers worship and proclaim the glory of the Lord 24 hours a day in that place. Being able to participate in something similar is just massively exciting (and in addition to Awaken the Dawn, we are hoping to lead worship at David’s Tent during our time there, as well).

In light of the chaos of our nation right now and what seems like an ever widening divide between people, doesn’t the opportunity to see 48 straight hours of worshipping GOD over our nations capitol seem just mind blowing?!  It sure does for me!

For Giving: If you can help with any funds for this upcoming mission to Washington D.C., please donate to our paypal account now. We really need your help to pull this off!!!

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