VOB News November 2018 “D.C. Highlights”

David’s tent on the National Mall where event took place.

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018:

We finished our last worship session.  Most of the team was packed up, in the van, and ready to head to the airport.  Goodbyes were said, tears were shed.  Then we all went our separate ways: team members from San Diego, LA, Texas, New Hampshire and NC.  What an amazing 5 days we had! Hours of worship & intercession, poured out just 3 blocks from the US Capitol building, where lawmakers will work together, to better our country.  We had seen many people come in and out of the tent, during our time there, wondering what was going on, or being encouraged and joining with us in worship.  Alltribes DC, day, was powerful, with hundreds gathering together, to worship and pray, and hear the Gospel….people of every color!  What a blessing!    

Vietnam war memorial photo by Shawn Kramer Photography

After our last session, as we all departed, 5 of us had some time, so we headed over to the Lincoln memorial, the Korean War memorial, and the Vietnam War memorial.  As we walked around, taking in the sobering reality of these events,  I found myself being overwhelmed with thoughts of so many battles, and things that affect so many thousands of people, across our nation.

I began to realize, at a whole new level, the importance of worship, bringing the presence of the Lord, and prayer, asking for His steady hand to change or shift things in the right direction. I thought of all those who prayed during the Civil war…or any other war—for peace and healing to come.

Our task in worship and prayer can be hard to explain to people.  It’s not as obvious as meeting the needs of the poor, physically.  But spiritually, we are all poor, without Jesus. Spiritually, we all need the Lord (Matthew 5:1)!

Knowing  that pouring out our hearts in worship to the Lord, asking Him to come and change things, this is what our week in DC was all about.  Lord knows we need a shift in our nation!

Chief Anne Richardson-in her regalia-of the Rappahannock Tribe, original inhabitants of the Jamestown, Virginia area – 1607

It was an honor and privilege to be a part of that calling, as we gathered with the original Americans/First Nations people in our nation’s capitol, to cry out together, seeking His presence.  Days later, countless people having heard the Gospel through song and prayer, praising the Lord together, every tribe and tongue, we got a little glimpse of what Heaven will be like.  

Let’s pray that anyone who walked into that atmosphere in that big tent, seeing the unity in the Body of Christ on the National Mall, would have felt the incredible presence of the Lord, and given their hearts to HIM!!!  Thank you for being a part!!

Carol honored by AllTribes for coordinating RiseUp event at David’s Tent
Team dinner including VOB board & Intercessors
Our friend Chuck Pierce shared a prophetic message for AllTribes day.
Another Jason DeBow original painted during worship! We love what he see’s as we seek the Lord!


VOB News October 2018 “Sabbatical Season”

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

By the time you receive this letter, we hope to be on the road driving to the East Coast. Initially, for the week of First Nations worship at David’s Tent, mentioned, in our last newsletter.  Please be in prayer for us, as Carol coordinates, and for our team! We are one of 12 teams coming together to lead around the clock worship for Rise Up. As well, we will be assisting with Alltribesdc. Everyone is welcome to attend!

After our week in DC,  we have decided, through prayer, and with the support of our Voice of the Bride board members, to take a short, 2 month sabbatical, starting after our DC event, and going thru the first of 2019.  We will be on the East Coast during this time, seeking fresh vision from the Lord for VOB.  We will also be doing some much needed sharing and fundraising events, as we work towards boosting our budget in 2019.  We will be meeting with different east coast friends and contacts.  Lastly, we will be taking some much needed time for refreshing and rest.

We would love to see you!  If you, your home group, or your church would like to have us come and speak/share on our ministry and work, please contact us for setting that up.  And please feel free to share us with anyone you think might be interested. We will primarily be in North Carolina and Virginia, and would love to share our heart, vision and fundraising needs, for VOB, be it an in-home evening, a church gathering, or other event.  There is so much we want to continue to do, and forming new partnerships, as well as reconnecting with long-standing partners, would be most welcome.

Prayer needs:

Traveling to, from and around east coast, Oct 31-early Jan, 2019. SAFETY, HEALTH!

DC Rise Up/Alltribes ministry trip, Nov 6-11.  Our team is diverse and huge!

Valued family time during this period.  We haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in 14 years!!!

Open doors for new contacts.

Fundraising. We are working on our 2019 budget.  Garnering more support would be so helpful.

MEXICO MINISTRY here in San Diego and all adjustments that have been necessary for us to be away, including new helpers, and changes for our ministry partners in TJ.

Franki June (photo left) for health and safety (she travels with us).

Carol’s horse, Surfline Saint. Carol has been madly teaching lessons, in exchange for several of her students taking care of Saint, while she is gone.

We so appreciate each of you being on our team!

Thank you & GOD bless you all. 

p.s. the painting of the Capitol above was painted by our dear friend Jason DeBow during worship at last years worship outreach to D.C.