VOB News January 2016 “New in 2016”

San Diego, Tijuana, The Nations….every tongue and tribe! 

As the new year gets into full swing, we’d like to ask you to pray with us about a few things:

First, for the last 4 years, we have been doing monthly worship & prayer gatherings here in San Diego.  Over the years, at P.o.W, we’ve done 24 hours of worship, 12 hours of worship, 100 days of worship & prayer (last year, from Feb. through May), and, most recently, a week of worship with the Word, with a different team each night, reading & singing the Bible.  In praying about our next steps for what we call P.lace o.f W.orship, we will be moving from monthly to quarterly gatherings. This will free us up to do more outside worship & prayer stuff.  Would you just pray for P.o.W., that  we would continue to have clear guidance & effective gatherings, whenever we do meet? We could use that little prayer push!

Second, we’ve been given the opportunity to go onto several reservations in Southern California, over the course of the next month. We will be doing worship & prayer, in partnership with our First Nations friends.  This has been on our hearts for a very long time, and the Lord seems to be opening the doors.  We would ask you to seriously pray for these opportunities!  It is not to be taken lightly, when the First Nations/Native American people, who we love dearly,  open up their doors for us to come on their land.  We are grateful & pray that the Lord would truly reach the indigenous people of North America!!  Please pray for protection, safety & covering for all who will be a part.

And third, we would just like to ask you for a little extra prayer push for our health.  Sometimes we just both get tired, and could use some extra strength for the work!

Thanks so much!  Love Wayne & Carol


Our Christmas outreach and efforts were a great success. We collected sufficient amount of toys for nearly a thousand kids at the outreach (Carol leading worship below), other weekly colonia outreaches, and for our children in the local Tijuana church (above).


We had thousands of pounds of canned foods and non perishables donated this year. So great to stock some cupboards.


Gabriel (right) has been such an incredible addition to our staff these past few months. And IMG_2961he has enrolled young helpers from the Nations! Burma, Nepal, Thailand represent! IMG_2881

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