VOB News January 2015 “VOB Bringing in the New Year!”

Well, here we are: 2015!!  So weird, isn’t it?!      

We had another successful “Toys for Tijuana” drive!
We had another successful “Toys for Tijuana” drive.

As we start this new year, we would like to share a few, very specific, prayer requests for VOB,2015.  We would be grateful, if you would put these on your fridge, or in your Bible, as a quick reminder to pray, as we move into this year of ministry.

  1. Travel:  We have it on our hearts, to travel to very specific nations, this year, for worship & prayer.  Please stand with us, to hear clearly from the Lord for the following:  Ireland, France (Mt. Blanc), Poland, Philippines.  We need: financing, clarity on team members, clarity on task, the RIGHT connections.  The world is spinning in a state of chaos.  We want to be a part of bringing hope & salvation to the nations, through both compassion AND worship!!
  2. Assistance/Volunteers/Team members:  We know sometimes we sound like a broken record on this one, but we really do need the prayer push!  This last year, thankfully, we had some awesome help!  But as the new year has dawned, several of our young helpers, have moved onto other things in life.  We really, really need committed, strong helpers, who will assist in sorting, loading & packing food, on this side of the border.  We also need help to better facilitate our monthly, “P.o.W.” gatherings!  Please put this one high on your list (and if you live in San Diego, consider helping out!).
  3. Health:  We continue to ask for your prayers on this one!  Though better, we could sure use a breakthrough in this area.  Especially for Wayne, who continues to experience some very tough, physical issues (another reason we could use the extra volunteer help).    Also, for Carol, as she continues to deal with fatigue.  Thanks!
  4. Financial and Prayer Partners: We are super blessed with all those who partner with us,  financially & prayerfully!  We would love to have a few more monthly financial partners, and a few more who would labor with us in prayer.  Would you consider that?  Or pray that someone else will?
  5. Specificity:  We have some very specific items we are looking at moving forward with, this year, in Mexico, with prayer & worship, and other outreach opportunities.  As well, we continue to ask the Lord how to most effectively proceed with P.lace o.f W.orship, and any additional worship/intercession items that may be on the table.  Songwriting, clarity in prophetic & intercessory worship, sounds, bandmates, musicians…all of this could use some prayer oil on the gears!

That’s it!  Would you just spend a few minutes a day, standing in the gap, for these items?  The truth is, as you do that, we are able to do the other stuff, and, ultimately the Kingdom of GOD gets advanced.  Thank you & Happy New Year, 2015!!

p.s. We have enclosed our ministry brochures. VOB Brochure – compassion pdf, which you may have seen before, but our VOB Brochure – worship pdf is fresh off the printing press.  We wanted you to have an accurate depiction of both arms of VOB! Let us know if you want any mailed to you to share with a friend! 


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