VOB News July 2011

The feeding line of nearly 400 people each Thursday morning. They get a sandwich, oranges, toiletries, and a bag of clean water to drink.

“Sitting in the back of our pick-up truck, on a metal folding chair, several hundred men, a few women and children, all along the dirty aqueduct which the Tijuana River flows through, seems like a weird place for a worship setting.  What, no fancy building?  No polished furniture or excellent sound equipment?  Nope.  Just hungry people, waiting in line for a few oranges, a sandwich and some toiletries.  Or at least that’s what they THINK they are waiting for.  What they actually GET, is  the love of GOD in the handshakes, the prayers & the stuff handed out.  And what I hope they REALLY get, is the peace that passes all understanding, as they walk through the atmosphere of worship which flows out of the back of that pick-up truck!”

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VOB Newsletter July 2011

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