VOB News June 2011


Our friends David & Hilary Overton, missionaries in the Philippines, were here visiting us recently.  We all went down to Mexico with Wayne, on the day he helps with an outreach to those living in the aqueducts of the Tijuana River.  We also went to take food to an elderly home, where over 100 people live, and an infirmary, where up to 15 people with severe medical issues are cared for.

 For some background information, understand, that when I say, ‘elderly home’, or ‘infirmary’, or ‘rehab’, I am not talking about something that looks like 1 of these places here in the States.  These are usually run by ministries and/or individual people like you & I, who have a heart for these situations, & start something.  There is no government support, no local community support, no extra funds, no regular distribution of monies or food.  These places often rely almost solely on the provision the Lord provides.   The outreach to the aqueduct dwellers, is headed up by a lady in Mexico, who had it on her heart to feed the poor who live behind the levy doors.  She, and a few others, make sandwiches, with bread provided by VOB & Surrender Ministries (Greg Rosa, VOB partner).  We also provide toiletries & oranges, and the group makes them & gives this all out every Thursday morning.

 So, Wayne, myself, David & Hilary show up for the outreach, with food packed for the other locations, and set about to help the group down there in giving out food.  We shook hands with the 341 people who showed up, prayed for them & helped hand out food. As I stood along the line of mostly men, many of whom are addicts, I just started singing in the Spirit.  I immediately felt the presence of the Lord in such a hugely powerful way.  And then, the Holy Spirit came flooding back into my memory, of the first ever experience I had with the power of worship, some 20 years ago, before I could even play a guitar.  As I was singing, I heard one of the guys sitting there, ‘shushing’ his friends, and saw out of the corner of my eye, that he was pointing to me.  The Holy Spirit reminded me that, when we worship, no matter how simply it is done, the presence of the Lord comes & people are changed.  The atmosphere is changed.  People who may have, not the slightest moment of peace, suddenly DO feel peace & want to be changed.  I realized that we have a chance to change the lives of, at minimum, 341 men & a few women, each week with, not only a dignified way of treating them, a sandwich, some water & toiletries, but also, thru the powerful presence of the Lord in worship.

 As we moved on to the elderly home, helping to give out pastries, pray for a few, and just shake hands with & smile at many people who are generally forgotten, I began to feel a little guilty for not being a person who shows up every week.

Campomento de Fe (Camp of Faith)
Campomento de Fe (Camp of Faith)

Once we got to the ‘Camp of Faith‘, I was overwhelmed at different times, with the needs of these men who have zero money to go to the hospital & get, sometimes simple operations.  One man broke his back over a year ago.  One man got hit by a car a couple of months ago.  One man broke his arm, and, with no money to get the needed surgery, his arm is now useless, since the hospital did not reattach the tendons & ligaments, but only partially set the bone.   A man there started crying as soon as Hilary & I touched him to pray for him.  He could not talk due to a tracheotomy & was so miserable, we think he wanted to die.  He kept talking of heaven. Most of their needs would have been ‘fixed’ in the U.S., but not in Mexico, where you must pay before you can receive medical care.  We did pray for them, because that is all we could do.

 As we left that day, I felt guilty again, but the Lord quickly showed me, that just showing up & worshiping or praying for someone, or even just listening to their story, brings a great light (THE Light) into their lives.  How would I feel, if I sat day after day, with no one to visit me, then suddenly someone showed up to just visit.  I think I would be so happy.  Food for thought for all of us. -Carol

Be sure to listen to the Radio interview with Wayne on Prophetic Underground Radio about the Mexico missions.     Just click on the play button in post below!

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