VOB News January 2011

Homeschooler assembly line = nearly 500 bagged socks and 150 personal care packs.

So grateful for the extra help to pull this off!

For our Christmas give away this year, instead of winter hats, we bought over 1500 pairs of socks.  Our dear friend Julia Cecil offered her son’s homeschool friends to help prepare the red gift bags for women and green for men.  We also made more personal care packs for those living on the streets of Tijuana.  So everyone got 3 pairs of new socks at our Tuesday night outreach, the aqueduct outreach, the elderly home, and the infirmaries.    We also had a successful toy drive – where every kid got at least one toy.  Photo’s to come perhaps next month.  Thanks for your help making this all possible!


Everyone living in the aqueducts got fresh clean socks.
New socks for the Elderly home residents as well.

(above) We were donated new mattresses from a cruise ship overstock.  VOB delivered over 200 twin mattresses to children’s homes, rehabs, and families who either had no mattress or in dire need of a better one

(below) My buddy Vicente built a bunk bed (for the mattresses) for the boys of one of our adopted families.  They have their own bed to themselves now.  We bought them new sheets for Christmas to go on their new bed! Wish you could have seen the smiles!

Donation of Croc shoes for the kids. 400 pair! Thanks to an LDM contact with Carol D.


2 thoughts on “VOB News January 2011

  1. I am just entirely blessed by the ministry He does through you. What a heart!- well It’s His hear isn’t it!

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