Facebook Community Page “I Love TJ”

TJ is the nickname for San Diego’s neighbor city of Tijuana. It is also the first letters of the words Truth and Justice.
I Love TJ is a group for those who want to see Truth and Justice in Tijuana. The Truth is that it’s not right that our neighbors are suffering from poverty. It’s not right that people live in fear from cartels and corrupt government. It’s not right that people are dying for lack of medical care.

Justice would mean more than enough food to meet their needs, a warm home and freedom from oppressive politics and environment. Basic needs, yes. But for many a difference between life and death.

When Jesus was asked to define neighbor, he told the story of a man robbed by bandits and left for dead, and the string of people who avoided Truth and Justice. On this group, you can follow the ministry of Wayne and Carol Kiger-Rice, as they feed the poor and the orphans, or more simply as they love TJ. In this way, you are showing your love for the poor and the broken in TJ. Wayne and Carol are living their lives finding and helping neighbors who need help.

I love TJ. Or as the locals would say, “Me Gusta TJ.”

Click on link below to check it out:

“I Love TJ” – Facebook community page.

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