VOB News Oct-Nov 2009

During this “Give thanks” season we wanted to express thanks for the growth VOB has seen in our work in Mexico.  We have seen more people coming to get more bread.  This gives us a greater opportunity to reach those whom the Lord loves. We are continually thankful for the abundance of bread from Panera, and goodies from Starbucks. We are thankful for all those who have prayed for us in the last year; for health and protection, and for all the fruit that has been borne because of these prayers. We are thankful for more people who have come on board with VOB, helping support what is being done for the poor in Mexico. These include our new partnership with Last Days Ministries (we were so blessed by the wonderful article they did on VOB), and for others who have taken interest in VOB both through inquiries, and thru actually coming here to participate with us.   

 We were privileged to host a few friends from Kansas City for several days in October.  They have a wonderful ministry to the poor in KC, and we have experienced the good work they do in that inner city.  Having them visit us here in San Diego was an immense blessing!  We thought you might like to hear from them this month.  Thank you to Lisa, Ray, Bill and Lora  ….for coming to be a part of this thing we do, and for being so encouraging!!!  

“The greatest impact on me ministering Christ in TJ, was simply being there, looking into the peoples’ eyes and seeing the need. The need for food yes, but a deeper need to be really seen and known. The Lord is using you and others Wayne,to form relationships, trust, love, confident prayer and physical food. We can send our money and prayers, as well we should, but there’s nothing like really being there and being open to how Jesus wants us to serve. The need is great, but our God is greater.  Keep running the great race of faith brother.”  


“The thing that sticks with me is the need of these people … such a huge need! The face of all the people, sick and well, saved and lost. The Face of Tijuana; that is what sticks with me. You are taking in what they need: JESUS CHRIST.”  -Lora

“In visiting the world of VOB ministries with our trip to Tijuana, I was astonished at how many American Mexican deportees there were . Young men and women in their 20’s who were raised in the U.S., and their bout with the law promptly got them tossed over the border with only the clothes on their backs . It was like watching some kind of sci-fi movie and a horror flick combined . I was thankful and amazed as this ministry set everything aside, to, in some way make the lives of these strangers a little more bearable, with kindness, a little conversation, and some food . Thank you Wayne and Carol for all you do.”     – Lisa & Ray

“I am the Bread of Life”  [John 6:48]

And so, as we come up to another Thanksgiving (hard to believe, isn’t it?), we just wanted to thank YOU for being a part of what we do.  Large or small, every gift helps, and every prayer counts.  We could not do this without YOU….and by the way, we are extending an invitation to each one of you, to come out and be a physical part of Voice of the Bride serving the poor.  It’s not hard to do, especially if you live here in San Diego, you can come go with us anytime.  The rewards far surpass the risks.  You might find yourself blessed beyond what you could possibly believe!  And who wouldn’t be thankful for that!!!   Love, Wayne & Carol

One thought on “VOB News Oct-Nov 2009

  1. We want to thank you Wayne, Carol and Greg for letting me and Lora hang out with you all. The work you are doing is BIG (John6:48)! I want to encourage you that in my tagging along with you I was able to see that my love for the humans is real. I know that the next time we are with you there will be more. I dream about the people and I am speaking spanish (very wierd). Please know that I comitt to pray with you and will tell others about the JESUS work you are doing. I can not say one place had more of an impact than another, it was all very powerful. I would love to do a street meeting the last place we went with the drug addicts on the street. Again, we really enjoyed our time with you whatever side of the border we where on, Thank you again friend. We love you & Carol. Bill & Lora

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