Fire at Ancianos (elderly) home in Tijuana.

A recent fire damaged an area of the home that required all 134 residents to be relocated. There is a great need for food, clothes, blankets, and adult Depends to care for these displaced at this time. Thanks to the Lord they were all spared in this fire…. but need to return to their home as soon as possible to be better accommodated.

Click here for photos of fire damage

One thought on “Fire at Ancianos (elderly) home in Tijuana.

  1. To give an update on the Elderly residents. They are all well and have been well cared for. Many resources from wihin TJ have come in to make sure that they are looked after. VOB delivered some food, coats and Depends garments. Though there was already a good portion of food that had been donated as well. As well as cots, blankets, and toiletries. Their home is being remodeled and prepared for future emergencies. The pastor hopes to return all residents soon. The residents would like to return to their own beds as well.

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