VOB News November 2015 “Worship/Praying the Word”

10511486_10153182252789863_7972574780840211834_oFrom Nov. 8, through Nov. 15, VoB sponsored “Week of Worship with the Word” at P.lace o.f W.orship.  As you know, P.o.W., is our monthly worship & prayer meeting.  Last Spring, we sponsored 100 days of worship & prayer.  In the summer, I just felt a prompting from the Lord, to honor His Word, by incorporating it into a series of worship nights.  It seems to me that there is a severe lack of reading & understanding the Word of GOD, the Bible, in the Body of Christ these days. And truly, without understanding His Word, it’s harder to have faith, hope & love.  Knowing Scripture, makes a big difference in our daily life, our daily encouragement, prayers and our overall relationship with GOD.  By taking the time to incorporate Scripture into our times of worship, we felt that we were honoring His Word, and reminding people to reconnect with the Bible.

When the terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, on the 14th, many asked, ‘what can we do now?’.  Honestly, it’s not easy to answer that question.  It feels pretty overwhelming, with the refugee situation and all the chaos of the Middle East.  But for the believer, the one who has a direct ‘hotline’ to the Lord, the way we CAN make a difference, right here and now, is through prayer.  If we are applying HIS Word, (which we know is truth), to our prayers,  we will see a difference made, as the world seems to get increasingly dark.

To that end, we’d like to share a few tips with you, from our dear missionary friend Kathleen Dillard, on how to pray for our nation, and the nations in general, during these tumultuous times.  Countering Terrorism, is a resource from Prayer Central.  We urgently implore you to to take the Word of GOD, and add it to your prayers for France, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States of America, and the world in general, so that the Prince of Peace, JESUS, will become known in the hearts of men and women. You can apply these Top-10 prayers, to our work in Mexico as well. The citizens of Mexico, like many third world nations, are affected by government corruption and drug cartel influence, which continues to oppress (or terrorize) the people.

We hope these tips encourage you to ‘fight the good fight’, on your knees. GOD bless you and may your Thanksgiving weekend, be truly bountiful!!!

P.S. Don’t forget V.O.B-A-Gift selections. We need to hear from you by December 15th if you are interested.

P.S.S. Here is our own little list of ‘thanksgiving’ for VoB:

  • we thank the Lord for a fruitful Week of Worship with the Word.  Eight different worship leaders led throughout the week, as we read, sang, prayed His Word out.
  • we are super thankful for the continued help of our assistant, Gabriel.  The difference he makes in the loading & unloading of thousands of pounds of food per week, is incredible! And he loves serving with Wayne in Mexico and they love him!  Also an increase in volunteers lately. (see photo below)
  • we spent a week with our visiting missionary friend Kathleen Dillard, ministering around San Diego.  What a privilege to have her with us!
  • we continue to be thankful for the food, the vehicles, our Mexican ministry partners who are so faithful, and all those who are a part of VoB Compassion.
  • we are so grateful for ongoing favor with Mexican customs and safety in Tijuana.
  • we are SUPER thankful for YOU!!