VOB News October 2016 “Live from the ANNA Call”


Follow up from this months busy events:

The ANNA Call, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 

You have undoubtedly heard, at some point in your life, about the Trail of Tears. This was the time in 1839, when the Cherokee nation, and several other tribes in the southern United States, were forcibly removed from their own homelands, to what was then called “Indian Territory” in the area of Oklahoma. Many thousands died along the way, with the hardships they suffered. The area called Tahlequah, was pretty much ‘ground zero’, for where the tribes ended up.

The ANNA Call, was a huge worship and prayer event, gathering tribal people, and many others, to fast, pray and worship the Lord, on the land at the end of the Trail of Tears.  Many hundreds gathered together for the day long prayer portion on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 8am to 8pm. Our part was to support our friend, Joseph,  in leading traditional First Nations worship, as well as lead in worship & reading the Bible over then land and people.

You can watch a few live recorded videos we have from the event at these links: 1)Repentance 2) Abba Drum Dance 3) The Elders  4) 120 Drums and the Round Dance 5) Revolution – Prayers of the generations

img_2296In addition to that, I (Carol) had the chance to pray a Moravian blessing over the proceedings.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on my family ‘roots’, and have discovered a plethora of Moravian people in my lineage.  I found out that I am a descendant of the same family line of one of the missionaries who served the Cherokee in Georgia, as well as in Oklahoma, when they were removed from the east. It was truly my honor to stand and pray for the Moravian heritage of prayer, worship, and missions, to come forth once again, among the First Nations people of North America.  WOW!  I feel so blessed! You can hear this small piece of Moravian history and prayer of blessing by watching the video recorded live from the ANNA Call – HERE: Rekindling the fire of worship!















Arise Youth Camp: Soboba reservation.

Leading worship at the Arise youth camp (see YouTube videos below), on Soboba reservation, was wonderfully inspirational.  Seeing the enthusiasm the youth had for Jesus was kind of mind blowing, really.  The kids were SO in love with Jesus & really on fire for Him.  They worshiped with real abandon, and shared a few stories about prior youth camps, where they were really touched by the Lord, to be an instrument for His glory in the earth.  We had a great time leading worship, and so appreciated the joy and energy the kids brought. At the end of the camp, Wayne and I sat down to eat dinner with some of the elders. We listened intently, as the elders shared stories of how the Lord is moving among First Nations tribes in the U.S. We heard about trips some of them have taken to North Dakota, to support all the tribes assembled there, who are standing for their rights on the Dakota pipeline issue. The love and care these elders were bringing to their own people, in the Name of Jesus, was truly amazing. They realized the issue was less about the actual pipeline, than it was about just loving people in the Name of the Lord. Afterwards, Wayne and I made the 2 hour drive back home to San Diego.  As we sat in the car, driving off the reservation, we both just marveled that we had had this opportunity to sit with Native American elders, and listen to their stories. “How did we get there” we asked ourselves.  Only through the grace of GOD.  We are privileged to be able to minister and share worship, prayer, food and friendship with our friends.  What a joyous and meaningful time.  YouTube videos below are from the ARISE Camp Meeting.

Thank you so much for standing in the gap for us, as we participated in these beautiful gatherings.  Next month we will report from  Washington DC, where another large First Nations gathering on the mall in DC is taking place Oct. 21.  This Alltribes DC event promises to be historic, as the Native American people come together to walk in forgiveness toward our US government, in spite of the many broken treaties over the decades. And for sure, our nation needs lots and lots of prayer at this critical election time!! GOD bless YOU!!

VOB News March 2015 “30 days goes 60”


Every generation gathered around the Abba drum, singing praises to Jesus the risen Christ. “Every tribe, tongue and nation”.

On February 7, we started “30 Days of Worship & Prayer” at P.o.W. On March 7, we decided to extend to 60 Days, through April 7. We’ve had worship & prayer leaders from around our county, come & participate. We’ve had artists, as well as dance teams, lead out. This has been a humbling experience, as we watch many come to participate, including those from many nations (Chinese, Mexican, African, First Nations, European). We’ve also been collecting non-perishables, and it’s so much fun to see what people bring! One of the highlights, so far, has been having First Nations (Native American tribes) worship & prayer leaders, participate with us in culturally relevant ways of worshiping the Lord & praying. Topics for prayer, have included Israel and the elections, Mexico & border town issues, the U.S.A, & unity in the Body of Christ, & the situation between Ukraine & Russia. We’ve prayed extensively for the situation in the Mideast, with ISIS, and have prayed for missionaries all around the world. It is a real privilege & honor to partner with the Lord, through worship & intercession. Please keep us in YOUR prayers, as we consider the next steps.  11008800_838381769590674_7331304105712067597_o

We recently had a wonderful visit to one of the elderly and infirmary homes. We’ve also had two new volunteers helping VOB. Wayne has become quite fond of these young men & is very grateful for their help. It is such a blessing to facilitate someone’s gift in compassion, toward those who are in need of such a gift. In the photo to the left, Gabriel, Randy, & Wayne are praying for a man with some eye problems. Below, this dear lady was so very upset because her friend & bed mate Rosa, was in great pain. While Vicente prayed for her friend, I was glad to cheer the lady up a bit, with some flowers that had been donated earlier that morning. The real miracle, was the lifting of everyone’s spirit, when The Lord came and comforted Rosa. She was a completely different person when we left. Look at that smile! What do you think?










These are just a few snippets of our day to day life. Every day brings a new appreciation for the work of the Lord & the lives He brings across our paths! Thank you!


Our team from the day!