VOB News October 2017 “No Words”

As our 15 person, Awaken the Dawn team ‘debriefed’, ‘no words’ was the phrase everyone kept sharing, over and over.  We were all stunned, not only by the event itself, but also by the unity and joy each person on the team felt, as we worshiped and met believers from all over. Ours, was a team comprised of people from CA, NC, VA, and New Hampshire, First Nations people, and others. We came together at this place and time, to worship the Lord, along with hundreds and hundreds of other believers…..to honor Jesus, with love & humility in our nations capital.  For three straight days, 57 tents, both large & small, were filled with singers, musicians, dancers, artists, intercessors & others, who were interested in only one thing: to honor GOD.

I’m not sure I could ever really convey how ATD was. I’ll try to give a few details: For over 10 blocks, from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument, every state had a tent which represented them, along with 7 large tents representing Israel, student worship, and various regions of the USA. Our team led worship in the CA state tent, Western regional tent, Israel Alliance tent (2x), David’s Tent (see below), and assisted in the NY state tent. Worship went on in every tent from Friday night, through Monday morning.  There were people praying for others everywhere.  Laughter, tears, joy & celebration, intercession for our nation, spilled out of each tent. For myself, walking around late one night, passing tent after tent, seeing one person here, or 5 people there, just lost in worship of our King….again….no words.   At times, it was overwhelming. Every moment,  I was so happy that we had the privilege of being a part of such a beautiful undertaking. Our VOB team was awesome. And we thank YOU, a million times over, for helping us get there! We trust that change for the better will happen in the USA, after so many gathered together to stand in unity & praise to the Lord. Let’s press in for that!

I’ll leave you with one (and there were many) awesome story: as our group led worship in “David’s Tent”, (a 24 hr worship gathering on the ‘Mall’, which has been going on in DC for 2 years), the presence of GOD was so thick. Every person in the tent, was worshiping.  A staff member told me afterwards, that 2 men from Saudi Arabia had wandered into the tent, during our set, having heard the music. This staff member was able to lead these men to the Lord!!!!! He said they were so open to Jesus.


The presence of the One True GOD, His love and His mercy, were just so apparent in that place. That’s what it’s all about: worshipping the King of kings and being a part of His presence, as He touches hearts and brings them into HIS Kingdom. Amen…….Blessed be the Lord!!

Check out our live Facebook public video links below:

Israel Alliance Tent

Western Region Tent

David’s Tent

New York Tent

Israel Alliance Tent #2

Event stats update: 50,000 people and 1,600 worship teams from all 50 states, gathered and offered up 2850 combined hours of worship and prayer in 58 tents around the clock for three days on our National Mall. 4 million people across the globe participated and heard the gospel LIVE on Facebook – prayers were answered, people were healed, and thousands of lives were impacted and forever changed.

VOB News September 2017 “Thanks all around”

So many needs, in every direction we look. Devastation from hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, etc. That is what I have been thinking, as I turn on the television, or browse through internet pages. Perhaps you have been doing the same. How do we respond to all of the needs? Each need is certainly valid. That is why we are so grateful that many of you, our faithful supporters, consider us when making contributions. We know you have many other needs to choose from. And believe me, sometimes we ask ourselves, are there greater needs than what we put our hands to?  Over the years, I have asked God, “are we making a difference?”.  I can’t say that I always get an answer.  But often, He just puts that next individual in front of us, who is not just down on their luck, but facing an every day struggle of coping to feed their family, in a third world system.  Or we see how worship and prayer impacts someone, profoundly. You have heard many of our stories. I am not attempting to convince you,  even though I’ve sometimes needed convincing. We just want to genuinely thank you for helping us.

We also thought you might like to know that we, as an organization, also contribute to many other ministries and causes. We have been asked a time or two, by interested parties, “why would you tithe off of funds that have already been given to you for charitable purposes?”.  “Isn’t that like a double tithe or offering?” Maybe. But we tend to think that you can’t go wrong when giving. And we know you can’t out give God!  We are blessed to support direct work, every month in the Philippines, India, Thailand, Armenia, as well as a few ministries here in the States, that work in many areas both nationally and internationally. We also contributed toward the relief work in Texas after the flood. Thanks for being on our team – together we are responding to the needs!

Our present needs:

Our large flatbed truck broke down, in route to Mexico last week. Wayne and Gabriel had to shift the load over to 2 regular pick up trucks, to make sure the food made it to those who needed it in Tijuana. The truck is still in the shop, getting a transmission over haul. We have had to say no to several pallets of food, while the big truck is out of commission. We hope to get it back in operation soon. We appreciate your prayers and any giving toward the extra burden to our regular budget with this repair.   (The truck is back in operation, thank God,  since this report was posted) 

Frank’s bags are packed!

The D.C. trip is coming up fast. We are still not completely funded for this added expense to our budget.  Please also be praying for our team. We have an amazing group of people going, including First Nations, musicians, artists, evangelists, and prayer warriors.  As we explained in recent newsletters, we will be leading worship 5 times, throughout the weekend, praying for people, talking with them, and honoring the Lord together with hundreds of others, in public, in our nation’s capitol.   Awakenthedawn.org

“Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we received mercy, we do not lose heart.”        II Cor. 4:1