VOB News July 2022 “Personal Prayer requests and updates”

We have a few personal updates typed up for this month, prayer requests please:

1. Carol’s health.  I have been diagnosed with something called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, which basically means my pancreas is not producing the enzymes needed to digest my food.  I have begun medication, and after a month and a half, it is finally helping, thank You Jesus!! Along the way, I’ve lost weight, and been very weak, due to not being able to eat properly.  Things seem to be getting more normal, and we would ask for your prayers for this, because there is more testing to come. I’ve also been told I have Esophagitis, which means a lower swollen esophagus.  I’ll be meeting with a gastroenterologist in August to address this.  I’ve been asked to travel back to South Dakota, end of August, to lead worship on Sisseton Wahpeton reservation. Please pray for us to decide what to do at this time. 

2. Carols’ mom’s health: an odd vision loss precipitated a visit to the Dr, which led to my mom being diagnosed with what basically amounts to a swollen optical nerve, limiting left eye vision, potentially caused by a blood inflammation problem. This has to be addressed with high doses of steroids in hospital.  She has now been thru this part, but continues high dose steroid at home. The next part involves a biopsy of the nerve.  I would like to head back for a brief time to help, but we have a point of contact with a covid case, as well as my own health needing to be addressed.  So we’re waiting for the all clear. Thank you for praying for my mom!

3. You may or may not know that I/Carol, have been boarding and ministering at a horse ranch in San Diego called “Palm Row Ranch”.  I love this place, and the elderly woman who runs it.  I have folks I’ve been ministering to for many years there, who I now call friends.  Sadly, our ranch owner can no longer continue running the ranch, so we are facing the difficult decision of leaving, after 10 years. Perhaps the Lord has new opportunities for ministering in the horse world, and I honor that.  But it will be difficult to find, locate and shift everything in this regard, particularly at this time.  Would appreciate your prayers on this. I want to be where the Lord wants me to be, as this is an important part of my life and ministry, literally, for decades.  I am certain I’ve been in the right place at Palm Row and have loved getting to know and ‘hang out’ with this very accomplished horse woman who is nearly 90 years old.  We have had lots of GOD conversations over the years.  What a blessing this place has been.  

4. Mexico update; We are still sorting out customs issues. Basically, Wayne lost connection in particular favor with Mexican customs while we were back east for so long. His US partner has continued favor so truck loads of food are still getting across the border. We also lost donation connections we had maintained for years. At this time we are only able to take purchased groceries to our adopted families on occasion. However, with your help we continue to support our Tijuana partner with monthly funds to help secure food and get it to those in need. Also with your help, we continue to support several young people with school scholarships. This includes a young man we have known since he was 15. He dropped out of school to help his single mother and family. Now he is 25, married, with 2 of his own sons, and returning to get his high school diploma, and hopefully some college or trade school in his future. One of our goals is to help young people reach their education goals, to improve their futures and stop the cycle of family poverty. This is a crucial need in Mexico, and one which absolutely makes a difference. 


One thought on “VOB News July 2022 “Personal Prayer requests and updates”

  1. Praying for you guys. Complete health to you and your mom, Carol. I know the Lord has a perfect place to continue “horsing around” Much grace to you both along with the spirit of wisdom and discernment in the knowledge of Him!

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