VOB News May/June 2020 “Chaos or Opportunity?”

Chaos.  There is certainly a great deal of  chaos in the world today. I have wondered, if we are not experiencing the same concerns and fears of other generations, as upheaval has occurred, throughout the ages.  And yet, in spite of what is taking place, the small, day to day details of life, are what bring true light and love into the world.  As believers, it is our job to simply, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6:31.   It may not seem like this could possibly make a difference, but it does.  Why? Because “light shines in the darkness, & the darkness cannot overcome it”.Jn 1:5. Jesus is the Light of the World, Jn 8:12.  If you have received Him into your heart as your Saviour, you now carry HIS Light in the world. (and if you haven’t what’s stopping you?) It doesn’t have to be some grand/glorious gesture.  It can be something as simple as holding a door open for someone; picking up something someone has dropped; smiling at someone who might be having a bad day; taking a meal to one who is bereaved or ill, or struggling; sending someone a text to let them know you are thinking/praying for them; being brave enough to say, “Jesus loves you!” In these chaotic and tumultuous times, where it seems as though everyone is angry, be the person who brings joy.  Bring Jesus.

Be His Light!!!

We continue to do our best to carry His Light to the world.  It’s been a strange season, with so many restrictions on the travel side.  I (Carol), have been unable to travel to any reservations, or anywhere else, really, most of this year.  This seems to be shifting.  Please pray for us, as we make plans to travel to South Dakota, to the Cheyenne River reservation, to be a part of leading worship at the Mountain Movers Prayer gathering. This will be in late July, GOD willing. I love the people of South Dakota, and long to see the Great Sioux nation find a breakthrough with Jesus.  Thanks for partnering (it’s no joke; these things require some heavy duty prayer)!

Continue to pray for Wayne’s border crossings 2x a week (Monday and Friday, to be exact), and all this entails.  Although border restrictions have been in place for essential crossings only, we are considered humanitarian aid and thus allowed. We have seen food donations ebb and flow, depending on how various merchants and vendors are doing in their own businesses.  In many of Wayne’s normal food collections, there has been quite a bit less, but in other, unexpected situations, there has been an abundance. Just the other day, we had so much food donated, it was concerning as to whether our flatbed extra heavy duty truck could haul the capacity! Easily, nearly 4,000 pounds (2 tons) had been collected. Just to give you an idea, we had 500 pounds of carrots, 1500 pounds of canned and boxed goods, 250 pounds of string cheese, 500 pounds of bottled water, and easily another 1500 pounds of tortillas and bread (you have no idea how heavy a bag of bread can be). But what a great blessing for much greater needs! We know times have been tough for everyone around the globe, but we are seeing much greater hardships than ever before, in Mexico. A friend and ministry colleague, Rebekah Prager with Baja Christian Ministries, recently said it best: For more than 3 months now, no work, as the local fabricas (factories) shut down in mid-March, which is the livelihood for the majority of people in these areas of TJ. Some factory workers are receiving a “minimum salary” of about $27 per week (less than half salary). These are the lucky ones. There are no stimulus checks, no government unemployment, any food handouts are minimal and far between. Many people have signs on their fences saying they are in need of food, because they were told maybe the government would be bringing them dispensas (food rations). There was a desperation and discouragement that was palpable.” 

This is what we are seeing. We so appreciate you helping us help those in great need at this time, greater than we have seen in our 12 years of serving Tijuana. See photos to get some idea, including where we were able to provide tarps to cover shanty homes during the rainy season. Their gratitude was humbling at best. A quick awareness share to Facebook, put many of you in action to provide these temporary reliefs.
These are the days that our faith is really put to the test. Do we have enough? Can we continue to give to those who have less…and not worry about our own provision. Our answer is YES! God is able! God is faithful! “Be anxious for nothing” Philippians 4:6-7 encourages us! 

May we all be encouraged!  Love Wayne & Carol

We can use any extra financial help these days that you may have to send:

VOB Ministries

PO Box 99057

San Diego, CA 92169

Paypal: vobministries@sbcglobal.net

or direct link to Paypal: voiceofthebride.net/donate

One thought on “VOB News May/June 2020 “Chaos or Opportunity?”

  1. Love your outreach to the needy. Keep up the good work. I am a minister of the gospel and have ministered in Mexico.

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