VOB News September 2015 “Psalm 67”

 Psalm 67 

“GOD be gracious to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us- That Thy way may be known on the earth, Thy salvation among all the nations. Let the peoples praise Thee, O GOD; Let all the peoples praise Thee. Let the nations be glad and sing for joy; For Thou will judge the peoples with uprightness, And guide the nations on the earth.  Let the peoples praise Thee, O GOD; Let all the peoples praise Thee. The earth has yielded its produce; GOD, our GOD blesses us. GOD blesses us, That all the ends of the earth may fear Him.”  

Eight times in this short Psalm, ‘nations’ or ‘peoples’ are mentioned.  Although GOD has a special  relationship with Israel, His heart has also always been towards all nations.  To that end, and as you know,  it has been a goal for us here at VOB, to partner with the nations, in worship & prayer.  Psalm 67 has been our theme this month, as we have had some amazing opportunities to teach, model and lead out in worship & prayer both for, as well as, with the nations.  We cherish these times and truly believe the Lord is building a bond that will make a difference for His Kingdom, here on earth.

In late August, I (Carol) had the opportunity to do two 30 minute segments of worship & teaching at OCN Broadcasting, in Los Angeles.  OCN broadcasts Christian programs to over 50 nations in the world, many of them in Africa.  I was part of several programs recorded on the subject of “Worship for an Audience of One.” 

My 1st segment was a 30 minute teaching & demonstration on the Biblical Mandate for Prophetic Worship.  The 2nd segment was a  30 minute demonstration of prophetic worship & prayer.

We were joined by dear First Nations friends Joseph and Martha, as we worked with both modern instruments (guitar & bass), as well as ancient instruments (First Nations Abba drum & other instruments from around the world).

I was quite nervous about the teaching segment, but as soon as the camera went on, I felt the presence of the Lord with me, leading & guiding.

Our prayer is that He will use this teaching & worship series, to glorify Himself, and bring others into His Kingdom, and to give hope to those where persecution is a very real scenario, around the world.

Watch the teaching portion here:

Watch the demonstration portion here:
P.O. W. night
    P.O. W. worship nights – 1st Saturday’s

We are learning to bring the traditional musical sounds of First Nations, together with the modern sounds of guitars, to create a bridge between the ancient and the current.  Our prayer is that this will reflect the Lord as our Creator from the beginning, as well as our Sustainer to the end.



The Tent
                The Tent- downtown San Diego

Having the opportunity to go out in public, with local ministries, to worship & pray is always an incredible blessing.   We had the opportunity here, to be a part of a day long worship event, called The Tent, in downtown San Diego.  Worshiping the Lord in song, with guitar, as well as playing the First Nations Abba drum, once again, connects the ancient with the modern, releasing a powerful act of singing and intercession, on behalf of the Kingdom of GOD.   Many onlookers were impacted for Jesus.

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