VOB News May 2013 “Could you spread the word?”

Calling all Voices of the Bride…

We need your help this month, from our 146th newsletter.  Yes!  146th, I counted!  We have each and every newsletter in a special binder, safely locked away.  This is a very special journal of our life in ministry together, since the day we packed up our home in North Carolina, in January of 1996.  The “our life” in ministry, includes you!  We have always been so grateful for your partnership, as you have walked each step of the way with us.  From our travels on the road, through many trips abroad, salaried ministry positions, part time missionary work, to now full time missionary work, it has been a colorful journey.

This may sound like a tee up for another change in ministry on the horizon.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  We have never been more sure about what the Lord has given us to do here, in these days.

Serving the needs of the poor in Mexico is of one of the highest honors.  It is a mutual blessing that works both ways. Working with some of the most humble brothers and sisters in Tijuana, has truly enriched our lives.

Our ongoing gatherings of Worship and Intercession for the Lord, on behalf of the NATIONS, has been gaining momentum and steering on course.  It is a privilege to stand in the gap for brothers, sisters, and people groups around the world, fighting the good fight of faith.

This brings me to how “we need your help.”  Being sure of what we are called to do, we believe like never before, the Lord is going to make provision for us to do it.  Most of what we rely on has been a daily bread, which is a lifestyle not uncommon nor concerning to us.  However, as with all things, there is an ebb and flow to ongoing support, and we are in an ‘ebb’ at the moment.  We could use your help to boost that back into a ‘flow’, as we carry on with serving the Lord through worship and compassion.

We also realize that many of you who know us and believe in us, could also connect us to those who do not!  Could you take a moment and ask the Lord who might He want you to share VOB with?  Possibly someone you work, or go to church with.  Perhaps a church missions director, or Sunday school teacher.  Maybe you have a fundraiser idea. We could use your assistance in this way, to boost both prayer & finances.  A few extra monthly partners can really make a difference.

Ok, sure, it’s a bit awkward to let you know we are trying to boost monthly support, as well as ask you to help spread the word.  But, I often find myself realizing that I so love to know of a good cause, and I love spreading the word when I think it can help that cause.  We are tossing it out there, and asking you to pray about how you might give Voice of the Bride a hand.

This past year, in addition to a successful matched funds fundraiser, our daily bread was there.  We just need to put the word out there to stay ahead.  Already this year, gas prices are really taking a toll on us due to the need for big trucks to carry the food back and forth across the border.  Recently, the fees charged for crossing the border have doubled, due to another administration change with Mexican Customs.  We have more we’d like to do with worship, including travel.  We know that economic times are just tough all around.  But, we also know that the Lord’s economic system is entirely different!  What do you say?

We have photo brochures (printable pdf here) describing much of what VOB does, if you are interested in having us send you some to share. Let us know.  And of course you can always recommend this site or our Facebook site.  And continued thanks for how YOU stand in the gap for US!

Grateful, Wayne & Carol

p.s. please pray for our upcoming 24 hours of Worship event, “Burn for the nations” May 31/June 1.  Email us for the details or check Facebook!

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