VOB News May 2012

Last month, during one of our VOB sponsored open worship nights (‘open,’ meaning open to anyone and everyone), a young man wandered into our gathering.  He had been invited by a friend of ours, who stopped him to ask directions to the venue.  As he sat through the night, I noticed his countenance change dramatically.  His demeanor went from one of bewilderment and reserve, to a look of pure joy and delight.  It was as if …(read more)

We are happy to announce that our first official fund raiser was a great success! Thank you for your contribution personally, and for your help in spreading the word about the match challenge. These new funds are a great boost, as we serve the poor in Mexico, and further the Kingdom of God through worship and intercession.
Dia de los Ninos celebration
Dia de los Niños (Day of the children) is April 30th in Mexico when the children are celebrated annually. There is a traditional whack at the piñata for candy. We gave the kids “Stories of Jesus” comic books. They loved the books, and were quick to give them a look through while they waited for a turn at Dora the piñata!

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