VOB News February 2012

Lately, I’ve been reading about David.  You know David: the king of Israel, the worshiper of GOD, the lover of GOD, the writer of songs, the builder of worship instruments.   When I read about David, every, single time, I am moved by his passion & commitment to the Lord.  He goes to great lengths to remain faithful to the Lord, and his steadfast trust & hope in the Lord are unparalleled, in many respects.  David had to run from Saul for years, & even had opportunity to kill Saul on two occasions.  And yet, he would do nothing to harm, ‘the Lord’s anointed’, even as he, himself, had been anointed to be king of Israel one day.

David was fearless when he worshiped the Lord.  He told his wife, Michal, when she made fun of him for his passionate display of worship upon bringing the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem, that the Lord had anointed him ruler of Israel, and that he would, in fact, celebrate before the Lord, and be even more undignified in his own eyes, but he would not hold back in front of the people (II Sam. 6:21,22).

This is how we should be before the Lord: fearless, unafraid to passionately display the love we have for the One Who saved us from death, hell & the grave.  When we live a life of worship in this way, others are moved to seek out the One we love.  Oh that we could introduce others to our Lord, simply by the passionate act of worship we display before Him daily!

When Wayne & I returned from our Christmas trip to the East coast, I asked the Lord to open up some doors of opportunity to do worship.  When a couple of these invitations came, I was so excited!  And I found it no coincidence that I just so happened to be reading in I & II Samuel.  I was daily being reminded of what it is to have the heart of a true worshiper.   When I see the faces of the men at the Aqueduct outreach in Tijuana each week, I am reminded of His great love for these dear ones.  I see their countenance change when they get into the presence of the Lord, through the atmosphere of worship!   As the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, His presence brings peace, joy, hope, change.  We’ve heard the word ‘change’ bandied about in the last few years.  But real change, only comes from knowing the One Who can truly change hearts, & minds.  It is our prayer, as we get the chance to take worship into the streets, buildings, churches, communities & even the nations, that true change will come within the heart of men & women.  That they too, will become passionate & committed worshipers of GOD, even as David was.

Would you stand with Voice of the Bride, this year, as we develop the worship arm of this ministry?  Would you pray for the Lord to send more worshipers to minister with us, and those who would have a heart for the poor as well?  It is our sincere prayer that we would be able to say, along with David,

““Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.

      tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. For

      great is the Lord & greatly to be praised….Let the heavens be glad & let the earth 

      rejoice; and let them say among the nations, ‘the Lord reigns’”…I Chr. 16: 23-25 & 31.  

Thank you & blessings to you this month!!

p.s. thank you for prayers for our ongoing support and for safety and health.  For Wayne related to ongoing back pain the past couple weeks. Also for Carol’s hands and arms from playing guitar more often. 

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