VOB News March 2011

Outreach: We had nearly 200 brand new shoes donated this past month.

If you ever wondered how much fun it would be to drive a “shoe mobile” and find feet to match...IT IS! The smiles on these faces tell it all.  The shoes found good homes among the children in many poor colonia’s as well as some of their parents.  The shoes were also nice gifts rewarded to many men and women who are working hard on their own rehabilitation.

There may even be more shoes to come!

Click here for many more Shoe Mobile Day photos!



If you read last month’s newsletter, you know it was focused on worship being a priority.

This month, we would like to announce a new addition to Voice of the Bride, called WorldWide Intercession Plan!   This new endeavor, is focused on bringing together worship & prayer in a format designed to bless nations, people-groups, missionaries, and whatever else the Lord should call us to focus on.  Our first ‘mission’ will be a worship & intercessory event, here in San Diego, on behalf of situations in Egypt, Libya, Israel, and the Mideast in general.  In light of the ongoing tragedies on Japan, we will also be focusing on praying for, and worshiping the Lord, over  that nation.  We believe that prayer rides on the wings of worship, and we KNOW these nations & the peoples living in them, need our help in both a tangible (giving) way, as well as a spiritual (praying) way.  Please join us, wherever you are, on Saturday night, March 26, from 8:00pm (pacific coast time) until 10:30 pm and pray for these nations/situations.  The time is critical.  (you can pray for us, as well, as we move forward with this new ministry opportunity).  THANK YOU!

If you live in Southern California and want to attend, the venue is:   East County Prayer Center  737 Main St.  El Cajon, CA 92020

Reminder corner:

We hope to gain some additional monthly supporters for this next year. Let us know if that is you!

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