You Tube video – VOB News April 2010

This month we wanted to just bring special attention to our blog and invite you to surf around it some. We have a brand new slide show uploaded on Youtube for you to enjoy.  There are many things that you may not know about. For example, you may find it interesting how we came up with the name VOB, or realize that we have Carol’s worship CD’s available with total proceeds toward the “Karen Fund” for medical needs in TJ. Or perhaps there are archived newsletter’s you missed or would like to review again; such as why/how we returned to San Diego as detailed in the April 2007 post. Simply scroll down to find the post entry of interest. Other things to click around on are: outreach photos, video from one of the orphanages, links of other ministry associates, worship articles by Carol, Paypal link for donations and CD purchases, and blog visitor comments.

We so appreciated the VOB article featured on Last Days Ministries website last May – that’s a great re-read. Our blog has been a wonderful tool to expose what we are doing to a wider audience and we think that you may appreciate it as well.   Thank you to all of you for your valuable partnership with us!    Love Wayne & Carol

2 thoughts on “You Tube video – VOB News April 2010

  1. So FLIPPIN COOL Wayne! I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS! So blessed me watching this! God give you all that you need and more- protection w big fat angels- and powerful authority to set the captives free. Thank you- carrie

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