VOB News January 2010

¡feliz año nuevo! January 2010 Happy New Year!

1400 lbs is a lot of Vitamin C

We thought it to be important to start 2010 with updates and answers to your prayers for 2009.  It is so easy to ask for prayer, a little more difficult to be diligent to pray, but often overlooked to give praise or credit to prayer.  We do not want to overlook what God has done with your praying responses to our requests.

One reoccurring theme for the past several months has been favor at the border with the Aduana’s (Mexican Customs).  Though I could not really tell you that a complete parting of the sea has happened, something has occurred with those request made that “obstacles be removed for caring for God’s treasure – the poor”.  Some of this change occurred over our willingness to jump through every hoop with each customs requirement presented to us.  This included our needing to be more willing to cross the border at certain times versus only when our schedule allowed. (yet how can we do this? Details below!) But overall, our persistence with your standing behind us, and the Lord who delivers the oppressed ahead of us – His Kingdom has prevailed.  We have not been refused entry, nor have there been any new requirements in recent weeks.

We have asked you to pray for the past 2 years that something would work out for Wayne to be a full time missionary to Mexico.  God is good and He, through you, has provided over recent months, that extra funding which has provided a budget for Wayne to do just that!  We are very excited about this new endeavor for 2010!  So, as described above, we are now able to make daily trips across the border if need be.  Today, one of the local wholesale produce distributors donated 2 bins of oranges. Tomorrow another 2 bins, plus 25 boxes of tomatoes.  Being able to undertake this large of a donation on a regular basis is certainly an answered prayer.  I have also been linked to another potential connection for large quantities of rice, beans & other nonperishable items.  I will have to keep you posted on that outcome.  But it looks very promising.

2 truck loads of oranges "Naranja's"
2nd load - Flatbed "Wow!"
Flatbed of oranges 2nd load "Wow!"
We store fruit donations here with a family who helps us prepare to distribute in TJ
We store donations here at this families home in TJ where they help us prepare to distribute it.

As I resigned from my position at my job with MHS, I was assured that both my program and a sister program would like to remain in contact as an ongoing resource for the people of Mexico.  Already I have returned to the office for donated baby items and clothes which were designated for Mexico.  It is a real blessing to have these former coworkers who provide services to families in need here in San Diego, desire to also help abroad.

We asked you to pray regarding our having a mercy fund for medical needs as we become aware of them.  As of now, we are accepting designated funds for such, but also look to explore possible grants available for foreign medical missions.  Just the other day, someone at Carol’s work told us of some medical supplies she would like to donate. These will be taken to the Camp of Faith in Tijuana, where the very ill are cared for.  In my most recent visit there, Vicente and I prayed with an elderly man who was severely depressed and suicidal.  He had 2 broken ankles from a first attempt to end his life jumping from a high roof.  He had bandaged wrists from a 2nd attempt, and, in a third attempt,  had taken a piece of glass to his throat just the day before our arrival.  As we prayed and loved on him, he accepted the Lord as his Savior, and invited Jesus to help him. I sensed that he was able to receive grace and acceptance from the Lord.  Vicente’s recent report was just that!  The man is now full of life, in high spirits, and is also helping others sick at the camp.  Also, to update you, the “Ancianos” returned to their elderly home, El Refugio, after damage from the fire had been repaired and restored.  They are also getting a new moble missionary nurse, whom I have been in contact with, who will serve full time between both El Refugio and the Campo de Fe.  Their basic needs will be well looked after and cared for!

Lastly, we recognize that our ongoing protection in Mexico, our good health, and debt free finances are all attributed to you, our faithful partners in prayer.  We are grateful for continued prayer regarding these same things, especially as we now walk the full-time ministry faith walk.  Also, as a bonus could you pray for Wayne’s increase in spanish to be muy rapido (very fast)!     Gracias, Wayne & Carol

6 thoughts on “VOB News January 2010

  1. Good News! Glad good things are rememberd to bring the LORD praise. Praying with you. We love you two. Bill&Lora Durkes

  2. What a lovely testimony of the Lord’s graciousness! Thank you, this is an encouragement. Thank you, Wayne, Carol and Greg for your diligence and perseverance on behalf of the poor.

  3. Hi Wayne and Carol,

    Your report is really a story of how the Breakthrough Horse is bringing His faithful ones into breakthrough in this new year 2010. This is only the beginning – I see you Wayne as a “Warrior Bride knight” that God is raising up to do mighty deeds in the earth, for such a time as this. (see my yesterday’s report about the Warrior bride knights)
    Jean and Peter

  4. Wayne and Carol,

    Again, I read your Newsletter with praise to our Lord for your great work in His name. Thank you for your commitment and continued desire to move forward. We will continue to pray for your protection and work there in Mexico.

    Love you,

  5. i sensed your love for the poor reading your newsletter. bless your heart! I have this assurance in my heart God will continue to grant you favor, especially in going thru the border, in bringing food and other supplies to Mexico.

    read you more in spanish soon,


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