VOB News July 2009

imagesVOB Shout Outs!

“From the mouth (and hands) of babes!”

Two large boxes of canned and boxed foods, as well as bags and bags of clothes were donated from a local school!  The daughter of one of our VOB partners’, did a school drive just for Mexico.   The school kids really stepped up when they learned of the needs of children their own age who are less fortunate.  Thanks Bobbie Lynn and Haven for all the hard effort including washing and sorting all the donated clothes.  Special thanks as well, for efforts with potential new resources for donated bread and various foods.

Check out the trophies awarded! (made by David Finch)
Check out the trophies awarded! (made by David Finch)

Who knows what a cornhole toss is?

Well, I never realized that it was the name of a popular game I see played around the beach area here all the time.  As it turns out, the game is loved and appreciated in the Raleigh Durham area as well.  Recently a Cornhole Tournament  was held to benefit VOB Ministry.  That’s right, a good brother of ours, David (stood with us in our wedding), had been sharing about the ministry in Mexico with his home group and voila, an idea was born.  Thanks guys for an amazing offering, and most of all we appreicate your interest.  We look forward to your support in person…as these guys are planning a missions trip to come join us sometime soon!

Flatbed truck times 2!!!

Flatbed with bags of bread.
Truck filled with bread.
The masses.
The masses.
The kids love to help us!
The kids love to help us!

Recently my dear friend, Peter, who donated the flatbed truck (now used 4 days a week for deliveries to Mexico), asked if we wanted another truck he had available.  Immediately thinking to myself that donations increased when we received the 1st one, I thought FOR SURE!  But please pray with us that my TIME can increase in order to handle the 2nd increase potential.  We, without doubt, want the increase Lord!  Help us be ready!

Coworkers go beyond the call of duty!

Although I work with those who are committed to providing family care through mental health services, these coworkers have also maintained ongoing efforts to bring  bags of extra clothing to be distributed in Mexico.  This has included baby clothes and various baby accoutrements.  One gal said, “ I really like donating this way because I know you take it right to where it’s needed, rather than just dropping it off somewhere where it is decided on whether it can be sold or not”.

Visit your local Panera Bread and thank them for their “Giving Policy”!

We so appreciate and value the commitment of this family owned and operated national bakery, for desiring to bless beyond their paying customers.  We are given a heaping shopping cart full of bread and pastries “baked fresh just that morning” 3 nights a week!

Special thanks to Henry’s Marketplace…

where a conscientious bakery manager makes a special effort to hold the bread for me, working with my schedule,  2 days a week.

Kudos to Starbucks…

where we go to 4 different stores for donated pastries and coffee beans at various times a week.  I recently made a special effort to thank an employee who has consistently individually wrapped each pastry (just as Carol mentioned last month about the Panera Bread employee – remember AwesTruck) that is put aside for me to pick up.  She replied, “I figure if we are going to donate, it should be worth donating!” I so appreciated her careful thoughts and effort.  I wish I could say that all donations are thoughtfully considered that way… but not always the case.

And finally, you know how great it feels to have good spiritual direction and encouragement from your pastor or a mentor in your life? We have that with our Board of Directors and are so thankful for their accountable support emotionally, financially, relationally, and spiritually.  No ministry should be without one!  “Where 2 or more gather!”

And on that same final note, we are so so thankful for those who have sent support recently  (both new and faithful fews) to this ministry.  We are encouraged that we are on the right track.

Thank you and blessings, Wayne & Carol

We also appreciate your ongoing prayers for the following:

♦ ongoing protection  in Mexico
♦ physical health
♦ monthly support for full time
♦ creativity
♦ food resources
♦ some vehicle repairs needed
♦ spanish language growth

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