Last Days Ministries Partnership

We are excited to announce our affiliation with Melody Green and Last Days Ministries.    Melody is a dear friend and shares our heart for Mexico.  LDM has had an invested interest and ministry in Mexico for many many years.  I (Wayne) was inspired and motivated early on in my Christian walk, through Melody’s book “No Compromise” and Keith and Melody’s music,  to be an advocate for the poor.  Please see a new article, featuring  Voice of the Bride and ministry in Mexico, by Amy Rachel Peterson, Executive Assistant to Melody Green on the ministry site here Last Days Ministries Mexico

One thought on “Last Days Ministries Partnership

  1. Hi, I got your letter. I think its wonderful to partner with like minded people. I am proud to be affiliated with
    all of you. Thank you for loving the down trodden people of our world. If only more cared. Love to all of you! Mary, Wayne Kiger-Rices mom.

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