VOB News March 2009

Regarding Climate in Mexico . . .

If you have listened or read the news of late, you have undoubtedly heard about the growing concern for what is happenning in Mexico right now.   Due to a massive power struggle between rival drug gangs for trafficking drugs into the U.S., murders and kidnappings are escalating in Mexico, particularly in border towns.   Most of the violence seems to be directed toward and involving drug traffickers, most specifically.  Many people have been asking us, ‘what do you think?’.  Many in San Diego are afraid to go down to Tijuana these days.  We have asked ourselves what to do also.   Do we stop going down and feeding the hungry, as so many seem to be doing?   As Wayne is the one doing most of the work in Tijuana, I, of course, am most concerned.  I pray every day for his protections.  But there is only one thing I can ask myself… What would Jesus do??   And so I would ask you for a concerted prayer effort for safety and protection, along with great fruit for Wayne and for his buddy Greg, as they continue to feed the hungry, broken and down-trodden of Mexico.  As things get worse here economically, they get worse there.  But for us, as believers in Christ, we arise in prayer, asking the Lord of heaven and earth to put a hedge of protection around all of those who are still going, trying to help those in need…..  And by the way, what a great time for revival in Mexico, right???    Thank you!!!!


“Along the way”

Climbing the rocky, dusty, bumpy road to the Camp of Faith, tucked away on a high bluff overlooking a small chicken farm and some fields with a couple of horses, I appreciated a beautiful picture of the layout of the land in Mexico .   It was a nice place, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life in Tijuana .  The hills are really green right now from all the rain and are quite breath taking.  Having just enjoyed taking in that picture and appreciating the fresh outdoors, I was next faced with the reality of those shut in and unable to enjoy the same freedom.  I met Arturo, a 39 year old man who had fallen a year ago and broken his back.  He was unable to afford a six thousand dollar surgery to correct his back and has since developed numerous problems due to the stress on his muscles and organs from injury and bed confinement.  As I prayed with Arturo I was deeply moved by his wonderful sense of peace and love for the Lord and trust in Him.  I was personally convicted, myself often complaining of chronic back pain, by Arturo’s spirit and faith.  (Pray for a resource connection we have contacted that may help help Arturo).

Next we visited a place I have shared about before, where many other sick are cared for.  This was the garage exposed to the elements which I asked for prayer before for a new place.  Well, glory to God, these needy ones are now in a new place where someone opened up a large home for them.  I can’t tell you how blessed I was to see God’s provision for a warmer, cleaner place for these sick people.  The young man I mentioned praying for before who had aids, had died the day after we were last there.  I had suspected him to be certainly near the end as we prayed for him then.  There are still many needs here of the most basic type. We hope to bring a team of medical missionaries here  through some other connections as well.

At place after place, I was graciously thanked for providing the simplest (in my opinion) of food and assured that it was greatly needed and appreciated.  I heard over and over that food once  provided to these places had been cut off due to the economy, as well as those who fear coming to Mexico at this time.  One place we arrived had just begun to serve up bowls of broth to the residents.  This was all they could provide. They were delighted to have the bread to serve along side the broth.

As expressed many times before, I am challenged to discover a way to fill this gap as the need is way beyond my small contribution 2 days a week.  There is need for daily food to be delivered to many places. I have only mentioned these few.  We only know to ask you to please pray: #1 For the provision of the most basic needs for those I have come in contact with.  #2 Please pray that I will have clarity about how to commit to bringing provision in the most practical ways.  I am willing to do so and find it more fulfilling then anything I have done in my life.  #3 We still need you to commit to provide for us full time to expand what we believe is crucial to meet the needs.


Crisis Phone Update . . .

We received a call from a young girl who was being regularly beaten by her pimp.  She had had enough and wanted help.  We met her and took her to a safe hotel room and bought her dinner as we encouraged her that there is hope for her.  She was very afraid and had been hurt by this man many times before with broken ribs, sternum, and jaw.  Her right eardrum was ruptured from blows to her jaw.     She had just turned 23 but her story begins . . . running away at 16 from her adopted home where her brothers molested her from age 3 on.  Classic story continues, she met a guy who told her he loved her and would provide and keep her safe, only before turning her out to do tricks.  As we talked with her the control he had on her was evident from her cell phone ringing the entire time.  We encouraged her to ignore it and assured her we along with law enforcement would keep her safe.  The next day, after all our assurance she was convinced that she was in greater danger unless she returned.  We also discovered that the pimp had left her threatening voice mails accompanied by the fact that he was torturing her puppy that he had in his possession.  Coersion tactics that we are not unfamiliar with.  Last heard, she called and said that she was ok; to our relief as we feared for her life.    Please pray!

Click on “Balboa Park” below, to see a short video of a rally we participated in on

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.           Balboa Park San Diego January 11th 2009


One thought on “VOB News March 2009

  1. Wayne,
    I’m greatly encouraged and blessed to have been reconnected with the work you and Greg are doing. You two are awesome and a blessing to many. May the Lord bring an increase of faith, power and provision for the work He has called you to.

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