VOB News September 2021 “Where is your house built?”

Jesus said, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like the wise man who built his house on the rock.” Matthew 7:24 He went on to say, that even after flood and winds, the house does not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. Of course, also the parable suggests what happens if said house is built in the sand. I remember the song we sung in Sunday school growing up. How about you?

Jesus, during this sermon on the mount, was teaching His followers who had gathered, many things, including the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes and God’s laws. All of these were words to heed, and words to practice: a foundation to build our faith on.

How often have we, ourselves, really needed to consider this foundation during recent trials and tribulations? Politics, pandemic, storm destruction, much of the world in peril, in general. I don’t know about you, but I have had to remind myself a few times recently, in my interactions with colleagues, friends in my life, and on social media, and even family during hardships … (including my wife and patience with our dogs), not to judge one another. To do unto others, bear good fruit, ask-seek-knock, knowing that the Father gives good things to me and I can share the good with others around me, as well.

We are still in Virginia, writing you from Carol’s parents home, while her dad progresses in getting stronger. Being here, also reminds me a lot of foundations as well. Her folks have been faithful through many seasons of their lives together, including a home they built 55+ years ago, where they raised a family, and built long lasting relationships in their neighborhood and community. SO many examples of a home built upon a sure foundation. One that takes work in keeping it strong and healthy for the storms that come along. And believe me this house has seen its share of hurricanes, rain and wind storms. I am thankful for Jesus’ direction on where to build our house!

Speaking of building a house, VOB is in the process of doing just that. For the very first time, we are solely responsible for sponsoring a home to be built for a very special family you’ve often heard about, over the years. This is one of our very dear adopted families, who’ve had a lot of tragedy in their lives, including losing a daughter “Karen” to an aggressive cancer, losing their father during an armed robbery at his work, and a house fire that destroyed everything. An opportunity came up where a couple of the daughters acquired a plot of land they were able to purchase, in full. VOB has collaborated with a house-building ministry, Baja Christian Ministries, to build the family a small home on that land, where they will raise their children and be able to call it their own, for generations to come. This will be a house built on solid ground, in the Spirit of the Lord, to weather any storm.

p.s. for those who are visual, here is a photo of the foundation that was just poured this past week. It’s the first slab on the new site for the family home. And the floor plan that will be set in place soon. We look forward to showing you photos of the finished project!

Also if you would like to invest in this ongoing project let us know!!!

VOB News July/August 2021 “Personal mini sabbatical”

Greetings from Virginia, friends. And a very warm, muggy Virginia greeting, we might add, not the sunny, mild, and cool pacific breeze we are used to. Thanks for praying for Carol and her folks. (an update from previous prayer requests below) This has been an up and down situation which has proven to be difficult to provide proper care.  It was, however, enough to convince me (Wayne) that help was needed. And after 4 nights and 4 days of driving West to East coast we are together once again. So for now we are on a mini sabbatical serving Carol’s folks during this health crisis. We believe that, after 67 years of marriage caring for one another, they deserve it !!!

This got me thinking of the old african proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Like our present situation, much is not only accomplished, but also brings about encouragement, with help in greater numbers. The same can be said with what we do day to day, in the Mexico ministry. It’s hard to even imagine doing it without our village. A couple of months ago, we shared about the ministries that we help, with your partnership,  and support.  But we also have a half dozen ministries that sow back in to VOB. The really humbling thing is that many of these, much larger ministries even,  not only serve the poor, but in greater capacity. Honestly, this is so very encouraging to us, and is a ‘shot in the arm’ (no present day pun intended), if you will.   Several of these organizations who support VOB, provide incredible services and resources to the marginalized around San Diego, including veterans, refugees, and the terminally ill. Some of these organizations are not even faith based. And yet, VOB has found favor among them, and they provide us with incredible truck loads of food and basic needs each week for Tijuana. Many of you have seen first hand these loads, whether volunteering with us in person, or via photos on social media, and our newsletters. If not, you will have to take our word for it, because we don’t have our home office color printer packed in our suitcases at this time! 

Also among our contributors, of course, are many more of you who respond to our social media campaigns for sponsoring school education, kids clothing needs, vehicle repairs and so much more. 

We are just blessed, and incredibly honored to shoulder together with the co-laborers in our village, and we hope to encourage and lift one another’s arms as well. Including you! Thank you for your continued prayers for us, W & C

Earlier last month (JULY) we needed to send out a quick prayer ask for our family. Carol’s dad got really sick and ended up in the hospital, where he has been now for a month. Carol has been there in Virginia for 3 weeks, helping her folks. Needless to say it has been a difficult time for all. His heart level stats have improved, but some effects from getting sick, including being in a bed for so long, have lingered. He is presently in the hospital rehab attempting to regain his strength, and ability to get around. Could we ask you to prayer for these things please: 

1) medical team wisdom and better communication among them and family. 

2) that fluid built up in his body can be addressed without affecting his heart.

3) strength increased for him to be able to safely stand and walk. 

4) rest and restoration for Carol, mom and sis.

5) total clarity for his ongoing care.

6) that her mom will stay healthy and able as well.

7) prayer for Carol and I as we are apart managing everything

Thank you in advance for shouldering these prayer needs with us.  Next month we look forward to giving a praise report. And we will catch you up with all thats been going on in VOB world of worship and compassion. Love Wayne & Carol