VOB News May 2022 “The Fighting Father”*

 “He will be the sure foundation for your times,
a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.” 

The scripture from Isaiah 33 verse 6 above, was read over me (Wayne) by a group of men I had just had in a men’s small group. My good friend Peter, and I, had been co-leading these good men, for a week, at a Living Waters training in Pasadena California. Often, this small group experience is a time where men risk sharing some vulnerable places of pain, from both abuse they have suffered and abuse they have caused. As I sat, this time myself in the center circle (hot seat we call it), with the guys laying hands and praying over me, I marveled at how much the Lord had truly been faithful, in my 33 years of salvation, to shore my foundation with His wisdom and knowledge, through my own life’s brokenness. The guys emphasized the fear of (or submission to) the Lord being the key to gaining access to the Lord and these treasures. Trusting the Lord built my faith and increased my confidence in knowing how to battle my demons and, in turn, has allowed me to fight the same for many men, both young and old. This time around, these 4 men were younger than I,  leaving me to realize in the natural, that I had experience to offer them. But also, having gone through some recent years of challenges, I have realized that the Lord has done a good and faithful work in me. In one situation in particular, I have learned as close to what it might feel like to be a father, while advocating for a young man, near and dear to our hearts. Through other recent circumstances, I have learned to be a son, and allow God to be a Father. 

In the years I have walked with the Lord, I have done a lot of self-discovery, and how this has shaped who I am. Drawing from many things that were strong and positive in my life, but also learning from the things that were less than healthy. I think our wounds, and ,ultimately, scars, are important, as they give us a testimony to not only identify with others, but also a drive to fight for them. After being involved in Living Waters, both working on myself, and leading many others the past 25 years, I finally have taken to heart what it means to be a fighting father.  Fighting for those men in my small group, was worth the time invested. And they will go on and fight. And those they fight for, will fight, and so on, and so on. Another one of them, while praying for me, spoke of all the spiritual children we have from our work in discipling others in this worship and compassion ministry. He said you have a lot of ‘Kiger-Rice’s’ running around. We sure hope so. 

We all want to know that our purpose in life will be fulfilled. Be sure you know what yours is, and make every effort you can to see that there are no hinderances to that purpose. Many of you have been, and are, fighting mothers and fathers. This generation needs it like no other.  A few weeks ago, I was asked to attend a San Diego board of supervisors meeting, to implore them not to pass an ordinance that ultimately would redefine the definition of women and girls, to include men and boys who identify as female. This ordinance was being solicited under the idea of eliminating discrimination. Ironically, only discriminating women further with such absurd inclusions, while also putting the vulnerable at risk by criminal minded “men” who would take advantage of such allowance to enter women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and domestic violence shelters. Unfortunately, although there was a huge support of men and women opposing this ordinance, the board voted it through. We have to fight for the innocent and vulnerable. In my speech to the board of supervisors I concluded, sadly, with a current example that had just happened to a dear friends 15 year old daughter in Tijuana. A San Diego businessman posing as offering her employment, sexually violated her in TJ, and then retreated to San Diego. Please pray for this situation as we assist and navigate justice on behalf of this dear adopted family of VOB. Through the years, they have had many tragedies that too often occur in their impoverished surroundings. They need a fighting father, having lost theirs to another crime. Our Father God, and ourselves will fight for them! 

We are returning to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! Yeehaw.

We are so excited to be able to get back to South Dakota, this time for an extended 3 week trip.  We will be traveling around the state, throughout the month of June.  See online map of SD Reservations here.

  • June 5/6: depart. (Road trip … yep we are driving! Prob as you get this letter.)
  • June 9/10: 24 hr Worship and Prayer ‘Strike’ on one of the central reservations – Lower Brule.  The Lord is moving powerfully there!
  • June 11: Sioux Falls intercessors meeting. Worship/sharing with key leaders in the Sioux Falls area.
  • June 12-19: Prayer walking the land, seeking the Lord and enjoying the beautiful state.
  • June 20-24: Pine Ridge outreach: tent meetings, worship, prayer, evangelism, youth activities, encouraging leaders.  This is a big project, reaching the vast Pine Ridge rez.
  • June 26/27/28: return to CA.

PLEASE be in prayer for us throughout this time, and leading up to our departure, as well as when we return.  It is a gift to minister on these reservations.  We are honored to partner with and encourage our South Dakota brothers and sisters, both Native and non-native.  Mark your calendars and prayer journals! We would so appreciate your prayers!! Love Wayne & Carol

* “The Fighting Father” Chapter title in Living Waters guidebook exclusive to DS Press. Order Guidebook here if interested.

One thought on “VOB News May 2022 “The Fighting Father”*

  1. Wow .. thank you so much for coming to the Pine Ridge we were so blessed to have you here! Your worship music was amazing as well as the hope you brought to all through your music and presence .. I loved my mosaic“fish” emblem you gave me ;it will be a reminder that I need to fish everyday for Jesus..the book was promising and the lemons.. well they were fruitfully good haha … we love you guys and until our paths cross again … doksa I’ll be dancing in my kitchen to your CD take care !

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